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November 16th, 2018
Community News & updates
ONABSE Election Results, Appointments and Vacancies:
On behalf of ONABSE, we would like to thank the Nominations and Elections Committee Members, board representative and committee Chair Dewitt Lee and committee members Shaundell Parris, Robert Small , and Audrey Littlejohn for their work to facilitate ONABSE 2018 Election!.
Election Results:
Administration Commission Chair:  Mona Walrond – acclaimed
Higher Education Commission Chair:  Dr. Dori Tunstall – acclaimed
Instructional Strategies and Support Commission Chair:  Alison Robinson – acclaimed
Parents Commission Chair: Jacqui Getfield – acclaimed
Retired Education Commission Chair:  Dr. Elizabeth Sinclair-Artwell – acclaimed
Governance Commission Chair: No candidates
Program Development and Research Commission Chair: No eligible candidates
Student Commission Chair: No candidates
Vice President: Tiffany Ford
Vacancies / Upcoming Vacancies:
Director Commission Chair
Governance Commission Chair
Program Development and Research Commission Chair
Student Commission Chair
Please click here for more details on the vacant positions and ONABSE.
If you are interested in filling one of the vacant Board positions, please download the ONABSE nomination form by visiting http://onabse.org/ONABSE-2018-Election-NominationForm.pdf. You must be an ONABSE member in good standing to be considered. Please see the ONABSE Membership Application details at the bottom of the page for more membership details.
Each ONABSE member is asked to participate in the commission(s) of his/her choice and members are encouraged to select the commission(s) which parallel(s) their job functions, work experience and/or area of interest.
If you are interested in working with an ONABSE Commission, please reach out to one or more of the following Commission Chairs:
Administrators: Mona Walrond (administrators@onabse.org)
Higher Education: Dr. Dori Tunstall (higher-ed@onabse.org)
Governance: Dr. Marlyn Morris (governance@onabse.org)
Instructional Strategies and Support: Alison Robinson (instructional@onabse.org)
Parents: Jacqui Getfield (parents@onabse.org)
Program Development and Research: Sabrina Razack (research@onabse.org)
Retired Educators: Dr. Elizabeth Sinclair-Artwell (retired@onabse.org)
Students: Dr. Leroy Clarke (students@onabse.org)
Contact information:
Website: www.onabse.org
Phone: 416-441-0792
This year’s NABSE Conference in Baltimore, November 6-11, was attended by close to 40 Canadians, primarily from Ontario, Nova Scotia and B.C. The TDSB sponsored close to 20 teachers to attend! ONABSE would like to thank TDSB Trustee David Smith, Associate Director Colleen Russell-Rawlins and the Senior Team for their sponsorship of 3 ONABSE members and 3 AHEN members to attend the conference. ONABSE’s new Vice President, Trustee Tiffany Ford also attended the conference.
The Conference provided a wealth of knowledge, best practices and an overall great experience to our members and everyone else in attendance. We look forward to sharing this information with ONABSE members and community stakeholders.
ONABSE co-hosted the International Reception and Urban Educators After Work BLACK party with NSABSE and the BEA from Nova Scotia, who generously sponsored the events, and welcomed hundreds of guests from across North America, Nigeria and Senegal.
Dr. Michael McFarland, who was a keynote speaker at the first ONABSE Conference in 2015 was sworn in as the new NABSE President, along with President Elect, Dr. Nardos King, Halifax based Recording Secretary Jacqueline Herriott and Treasurer Earl Rickman. Marietta English transitioned to Past-President, Bernadette Hamilton, from Nova Scotia, stepped down as Parent’s Commission Chair and ONABSE President Warren Salmon stepped down as the International Representative on the Board.
The 2019 NABSE Conference will be held in Dallas, TX in mid-November. Stay tuned for details!
The African Heritage Educators’ Network (AHEN)
The United Nations declared 2015 to 2024 as the International Decade for People of African Descent, highlighting recognition, justice and development. However, so far, it is playing out as a mockery of People of African Descent as funding, resources and time have not been sufficiently allocated for its success.
Act now! Please click on the following link <https://youtu.be/asg378OIZ8s>.
As a responsible community entity, the African Heritage Educators’ Network (AHEN) is obligated do its part to ensure the success of the United Nations declared International Decade for People of African Descent in measurable, concrete ways, with immediate action.
The African Heritage Educators’ Network (AHEN) collectively represents students, educators and parents of African Heritage through advocacy in policy, staffing, curriculum, and parent and community programming. The aim is to ensure that all of our students succeed, strengthening the development of our human resources, and as a result, empowering both our students and our community.”
Here is AHEN’s working theme for this year: “And Still We Rise! Going Forward in the United Nations’ declared International Decade for People of African Descent, eliminating all forms of Anti-Black Racism across the board by empowering People of African Descent.”
“Empowering People of African Descent to eliminate all forms of Anti-Black Racism across the board” is this year’s action oriented mission, flowing directly from the working theme.
Allies will be warmly received; AHEN recognizes allies as positive contributors in many struggles for the advancement of People of African Descent: abolitionist advocating against the enslavement of Africans in the Caribbean and the Americas, and anti-apartheid campaigner and freedom fighters against Apartheid in South Africa, naming a few examples.
Going forward into 2019, the African Heritage Educators Network (AHEN) will continue to hold at least two action oriented sessions per month: one in Toronto’s west end on the 18th day of the month (HINT: Ancestor Nelson Mandela was born on July 18, 1918). The another action oriented session will be held in the east end on the 26th day of the month (HINT: Ancestor Winnie Mandela was born on September 26, 1936)
Our meetings will be a mixture of business and fun. After business is taken care of, we will share some refreshments and enjoy some open mic presentations. Feel free to join the fun. Choose whatever form you wish as long as it is secular, nonsectarian and nonpartisan: music, dance, visual art, poetry, spoken word reflections, a short speech or an interesting passage from a book that you are writing, a display of your visual arts, or any other form. Who said you cannot mix business with pleasure?
If you want AHEN to have an action oriented session at a particular place, please email AHEN at <aheninfo@gmail.com>.
Mark these dates for upcoming action oriented sessions:
Sunday, Nov. 18, 2018. 2 P.M. at Black Creek Community Health Centre, Yorkgale Mall, 1 Yorkgate Blvd.,
Monday, Nov. 26, 2018, 6 P.M., at Market Lane Junior and Senior P.S., 246 The Esplanade,
Tuesday, Dec. 18, 2018, 6 P.M., at the Africentric Alternative School, 1430 Sheppard
Sunday, Dec. 26, 2018, P.M., at Ujima House, 1901 Weston Rd, Unit 18, Toronto.
Also, please help to spread the word. AHEN really needs your help in publicizing action oriented sessions and other info because AHEN’s emails are not getting outs to all. Every effort is being made to fix this huge problem. However, until the problem is solved we need your help to get out info about our action oriented sessions, etcetera.
Please share this info far and wide. Send it to all your contacts: students, parents, colleagues, workers in every profession and from every sector, educators and all other school board employees like the principals, vice principal, office staff, superintendents, teachers, early childhood educators, social workers, caretakers and lunchroom supervisors, and community members, family, friends and allies, and other well wishers, self-employed unemployed, and volunteers, etcetera.
Please click on the following link for more info on the United Nations International Decade for People of African Descent.
Nuff respect.
Truly I,
Cecil Peter
Elected Cochair,
African Heritage Educators’ Network (AHEN)
General Meeting:
Thursday, November 22nd, 2018
HJA Brown Education Centre
5650 Hurontario St
Mississauga, ON L5R 1C6
Time: 4:30pm
The goal of the Smile Foundation is to plant seeds of hope in the lives of single mothers and with Smile’s support help them to blossom to their full potential.
ONABSE would like to congratulate Camille Williams-Taylor, on her
achievement as the new Director of the OCDSB!
We are also extremely excited to present to you our first ever Hip-Hop Battle/ Cypher. The event will take place on Saturday, February 9th and will happen in TWO parts.
The 1st of the event will be for NON-COMPETITORS. It will be for artists who want to freestyle rap, beatbox, or break dance; there will be no prizes associated with this half of the event.
The 2nd part will be the battle portion. If their submissions are accepted into the competition, each artist will have 90 seconds for their piece, after which the audience will decide on a winner who will advance to the next round. Prizes for first, second, and third place are TBA.
If you are interested in being a part of the event, contact us at uoft.bsaexec@gmail.com!
 ONABSE Membership:
Please visit http://onabse.org/membership.html to fill out the membership form online for new memberships and renewals. You can also download the form below by clicking on it.
The Ontario Alliance of Black School Educators | Box 114, 123 Queen St. W.Toronto, Ontario M5H3M9 Canada

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