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January 11, 2019
Community News & updates
ONABSE Board Vacancies & Upcoming Vacancies:
Director Commission Chair
Governance Commission Chair
Program Development and Research Commission Chair
Student Commission Chair
Please click here for more details on the vacant positions and ONABSE.
If you are interested in filling one of the vacant Board positions, please download the ONABSE nomination form by visiting http://onabse.org/ONABSE-2018-Election-NominationForm.pdf. You must be an ONABSE member in good standing to be considered. Please see the ONABSE Membership Application details at the bottom of the page for more membership details.
Each ONABSE member is asked to participate in the commission(s) of his/her choice and members are encouraged to select the commission(s) which parallel(s) their job functions, work experience and/or area of interest.
If you are interested in working with an ONABSE Commission, please reach out to one or more of the following Commission Chairs:
Administrators: Mona Walrond (administrators@onabse.org)
Higher Education: Dr. Dori Tunstall (higher-ed@onabse.org)
Governance: Dr. Marlyn Morris (governance@onabse.org)
Instructional Strategies and Support: Alison Robinson (instructional@onabse.org)
Parents: Jacqui Getfield (parents@onabse.org)
Program Development and Research: Sabrina Razack (research@onabse.org)
Retired Educators: Dr. Elizabeth Sinclair-Artwell (retired@onabse.org)
Students: Dr. Leroy Clarke (students@onabse.org)
Contact information:
Website: www.onabse.org
Phone: 416-441-0792
 ONABSE Membership:
Please visit http://onabse.org/membership.html to fill out the membership form online for new memberships and renewals. You can also download the form below by clicking on it.
The Ontario Alliance of Black School Educators | Box 114, 123 Queen St. W.Toronto, Ontario M5H3M9 Canada