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Back in about 2008, a friend of mine from New York City who had worked with AOL told me that apps were the next big thing for technology. This guy, named Brilliant, really is brilliant.
Since 2010, I have been linked to apps through with Donna Magazine. However, I knew this was not enough because I was not making any money from this.
In 2015, always continuing to dig for something that could help me to create an app, I finally came across Appy Pie.
Appy Pie is basically a platform that will help you to create apps, without having to do the coding, and they will also publish the app for you.
I signed up for them. In 2015, I was working as an online lawyer. This delayed things.
In 2016, they kept sending me emails on the regular, as they had started doing so a year before, and my homework expert work delayed things until just this past month.
I have the Platinum Membership. No different than a gym membership in terms of the concept of membership. Since I have a platinum one with Appy Pie, I can design unlimited apps. So far, I have done one. It’s called Flip the Digital Pages. Also, since my membership is platinum, my app is already in the Apple Store, Google Play Store, Progressive Web Apps (PWA) Store, and Kindle Store with Amazon. Soon, hopefully no later than the end of this week if not sooner, it will be in the Windows Store, as well as the Blackberry Store.
Now, what can I do for you for the $5,000.00 CAD that you would pay me? Please note, the average app developer gets $6,000.00 USD to do this work, but please, do not worry about that. Appy Pie makes it very easy for me to help you, the worst part is waiting for the app to go live, plus promoting the app is hard work too.
With the YOUR APP, which if you are at a loss for words for a name, I can use Hans Decoz’s Numerology to help with a good name, you are basically paying me to design the app, (you can email me your colours for the app preferences), you are paying me to promote the app on Donna Magazine, you are paying me to monitor the sales of the app (you could choose to make it for free), the expense is tax-deductible = I am not an “under-the-table, on-the-table, or have nothing to do with tables other than creating Microsoft Word documents with tables to create personal schedules for myself, as well as tables to use for daily living and business purposes. You are also paying me to dispense the money to you of profits, with e-transfer or PayPal, on a monthly basis once I am paid for your app by the profits [I HAVE A ROYAL CANADIAN MOUNTED POLICE SECURITY CLEARANCE AND WORKED IN  THE CRIMINAL COURTS AS A COURT REPORTER], so that you can do with the money as you wish (such as give it to charity in order to bring down your own taxes). You are paying me to do daily social media announcements for your app as well.
What can I do for you when it comes to my app, Flip the Digital Pages?
For my app, Flip the Digital Pages App, I offer $25.00 USD per year, at the end of the calendar year, to writers who have a minimum of five books, and a maximum of seven books for that price range. You would then need to select your best five to seven of your ebooks so I could upload and advertise them along with the Flip the Digital Pages App, along in my own personal contacts. You could even create a page of an “Author’s Bio” for your ebooks that would include information regarding “YOUR APPS,” this would be an inadvertent way for me to help you to get advertising for your app, on my app Flip the Digital Pages.
The Catch?
It’s simple! All I ask is that on “YOUR APP” that I can include a page in it (extra pages do not cost more), that advertises Flip the Digital Pages App.
That’s All! That’s all I also ask.
OK! This should be clear, I do not have a communications degree for no reason.
Look forward to hearing from you soon.
Kindest regards,

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