“Locs and Talk” – at Kakonge Salon

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Back in 2007, I had cut off all of my hair. This photo above is how I look today with my glasses as of Friday, July 7, 2017, at 8:42 p.m. EDT. I already look different, as of July 16, 2017, at 5:59 p.m. EDT and I will tell you why.

If you are wondering, how could I possibly look different? Well, you do also. A wise and gentle homeopathic doctor told me not too long ago when I went to her to quit smoking cigarettes that the body renews its cells every three months. This is exactly why people who have been once been diagnosed with cancer can have a different diagnosis only months later there are not any cancer cells in the body. This is why people with mental illness can go decades without a remission. This is also why even people who have been diagnosed with diabetes can live to be 100+ years old. Yes, the homeopath is right and each of us is changing every single day, every single moment, every single second. All of us – regardless of age.

I currently use Aveda shampoo mixed with Intelligent Nutrients shampoo and Carol’s Daughter’s conditioner. The one I use of Carol’s Daughter is black vanilla. I use the curly girl shampoo and the super curly hair shampoo of Aveda and Intelligent Nutrients respectively.

Since it is winter, and I will do this most likely in the summer as well, I use the shampoo and conditioner when my hair feels dirty.

I often precondition with all of my oils and mayonnaise. Sometimes what I do, particularly when it is cold, is simply precondition and rinse my hair.

I use a light oil combination of my own making on my hair daily which mostly consists of coconut oil and olive oil. Every day I rinse my hair since I exercise daily as well, and also wash it often in the summer.

I drink cold liver oil in water, aloe vera gel in water, moringa powder in water with agave syrup, fibre in water with agave syrup,  apple cider vinegar in water, and blackstrap molasses in water, and now elderberry concentrate with water.

The vitamins that I take are Omega 3 fish oils and flaxseed oils, B complex, a multivitamin, nettle, horsetail, neem, alfalfa, biotin, vitamin C, vitamin D3, hair gro vitamins, Greens+, super probiotic, and Cold FX.

I walk 33 minutes at least seven days a week.

Also, if you find you are out of honey ginger lemonade, which I also drink, lemon tea, dark berry teas, horsetail tea, nettle tea, alfalfa tea, moringa tea and many others. I also drink coffee with goats’ milk in it and also chocolate almond milk. I also got chicory which is a coffee substitute for once my Starbucks coffee is all out. I will try to keep my coffee drinking to just one cup a day. I also drink cow’s milk from time-to-time. I also drink orange juice.

So, the photo above is a selfie and this is a professional photo done by Caitlin Cronenberg back in 2007. This is how I looked then:

Photo Courtesy of Ben Barry Models – Caitlin Cronenberg

What 11 years will do, eh? Now mind you, the makeup artist was a miracle worker. Literally, that beautiful makeup artist was a miracle worker. With hair like this, conditioners and mayonnaise pre-conditioners would be recommended.

I cannot do makeup even 0.00001% as good, however, what I can do is help you to loc (dreadlocks) and to listen to your talk. I do other things, so I am not looking to get rich from this, however, if you would be interested in dreadlocking and/or dreadlocking your hair – basically what I would be doing is getting to the spots that you cannot reach for yourself – then please email at donnamagazinewordpress@gmail.com. I will under no circumstances deal with men’s hair or anyone who has been a man. Just a policy. Sorry. Women only. Thank you. Does not matter your culture, I will do it for you and I can find a public space in order to do it as long as you book far enough in advance. I would need about one week’s notice at the minimum.

It’s a big decision. One should think about it. It is not a decision to be rushed. I did not loc until 2012 – it took five years after I cut my hair in 2007 after basically a failed dreadlocking attempt. I have been dreadlocking now for five years as well, going on six, and this is actually my third attempt at dreadlocking that worked out.

Again, if interested, please contact donnamagazinewordpress.com. Please see my page on this site for my books and audiobooks for a list of the number of items I have related to the politics of hair.

As for my drinks which are cold in the summer, I will just heat them up for the winter.

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