Letter From the Editor = October 2018

This letter is to further discuss the views of Donna Magazine concerning marijuana. I still believe in what has been previously said in a previous letter from the editor, however, there are many benefits that can be derived from a government that is considering to (it is not binding yet), to legalize marijuana for recreational use.

Yes, the tax dollars that will be derived from the legalization of marijuana, as well as the decrease in drug-related criminal offences will be a huge benefit to the federal government, the provincial government, as well as the municipal, and territorial governments of Canada. However, caution, in fact, great caution must be taken in order to ensure that the legalization of marijuana does not become more harmful than helpful for all Canadian people.

How could this be done?

If it is true fact that marijuana use among younger people, particularly at the age of twenty-three years old, can be an extreme instigator for promoting mental health challenges when you have a history of mental illness in your family (and the majority of people, if not most people do).

What I strongly propose is that marijuana use for recreational purposes really should be illegal for anyone under the age of forty years old at the extreme, or under the age of thirty years old at the minimum.

Further suggestions include that although there will be lesser criminal offences concerning marijuana use and drug-trafficking, there needs to be stricter and extremely harsh legislation put in place in order to safeguard from the number of people who would either ride their bicycles, motorcycles, drive a car, a truck, etc. who are completed intoxicated either with drugs and/or alcohol.

These would be my main suggestions.

Other than that…the legislation does look as though it will be happening, despite how much I have prayed that it would not happen. Just like the Ontario Lottery Gaming (OLG)’s slogan = “know your limit and play within it,” such wise words must be approached mindfully concerning recreational marijuana use.