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Here is the job agreement if you choose to accept it for only serious applicants:


I am taking on commission-based employees to work in different regions of Canada. The requirements are:


  • please send a resume showing you have the skills to do this well
  • please send a .pdf of an up-to-date police reference check
  • please send me the email addresses of at least three references and their relationship to you. The only email addresses I accept are valid and recognizable ones I am familiar with, especially if they are work email addresses.


Nature of Work:


Book: How To Talk To Crazy People and other books by Donna Kakonge


you will receive a number of books to sell at twenty dollars each to hair salons of all hair types, convenience stores, inside or outside malls where is safe for you to go in the city, at sporting events, at children’s events (be familiar with the books’ content to ensure it is age appropriate), at the CNE, Canada’s Wonderland, Ontario Place, Calgary Stampede, etc., inside and outside libraries, at bookstores around the city, on school campuses and any where else you can think of – even just on a public sidewalk selling to someone who seems friendly, safe and sane enough is fine. Out of the twenty dollars sale of the book, you will receive five dollars per book and the additional fifteen dollars will go to me the author.

-I need two or three people to be present on September 22, 2013 when I go to The Word on the Street in Queen’s Park. You will need to find your own transportation to the event. You will receive approximately a minimum of fifty dollars for the day for your assistance with me at the venue which will entail you walking around the event and selling my books. If the sales are more, you will receive more money.

-you will assist with doing an audio book of How To Talk To Crazy People and potentially other books. You will be paid a minimum wage of ten dollars and fifty cents per hour for your time to help me for each book.

-you will assist in either doing a feature movie and/or docudrama or documentary for How To Talk To Crazy People that I will put up on, as well as try to have on and also run in small festivals. We will arrange how much you will be paid for that and I am seriously thinking having you play a part if I decide to make a movie or docudrama :-). I hope you like that. (Please send a recent and untouched photo of yourself if interested). Trust me, my imagination is fine.



Donna Magazine:


  • you will write stories that are advertorials for businesses all over the world without spending anything on long distance costs (better to email even if unsure of no cost calling rates). Get all money upfront – this is a must! For text stories only with a photo you can charge thirty-five dollars a story and keep twenty-five dollars of that for yourself and give me the ten dollars for being the owner of the magazine and having many, many bills to pay :-). As well, for video you can charge seventy dollars per story and keep sixty dollars per story for yourself and give me the ten dollars for each story. For audio, you can charge forty-five dollars per story and keep thirty-five dollars per story for yourself and give me the ten dollars for being the owner of the magazine. I can lend you my video camera, however it would be best if you have a SmartPhone that can do this and please do let me know if you do. We will work something out if you do not.
  • additionally, contact businesses throughout the world, or write any kind of story or content that would work for the magazine (which is really anything where you would get paid to do it). You can also use audio, video, photography slide shows and pure text. I have sent you the price list. Actually, for photo slide shows, I would charge forty dollars per story and you would keep thirty dollars per story of that.
  • some ideas that could come through the meaning of advertorials is that if you know of a business that would love to have a great story written about them and they do not tend to get a lot of press, paying thirty-five dollars per story to you for a good story, with ten dollars of that coming to me is a minor cost.
  • the stories need not be any longer than 400 words. I am thinking between two hundred to four hundred words, however they could be longer, just charge more so it is more worth your while and I will always ten dollars per story for anything related to my Donna Magazine.
  • other ideas include doing biographies on other people for payment. If you do these, I would recommend charging a lot more. When and if the time comes, we can discuss this further for proper prices. In some instances you can charge as much five hundred dollars per story for an on-going story that would be like a book published on my magazine and I would only take ten dollars of that one story, or ten dollars per story. This would be something great and increase your personal publication listings. You should get membership with the Editors’ Association of Canada before endeavouring down this road.
  • you can do shorter stories too.
  • you can create press releases.
  • you can do the same story in video format or any of the other formats and charge on top for doing that, as long as I get ten dollars per story.


This is a job that will work out on an on-going basis. Even if or when you secure a full-time job with a good company, you can keep doing this work for additional income. I will allow you of course or even encourage you to work on your own projects and help you to develop them, as well as encourage you to go out for interviews and help you with that, as well as to help you with your resume.


By the way, your title for these positions:


Publicist/International Multimedia Journalist – Donna Kay Kakonge, M.A. (Freelance Communication)

-keep in mind that I will always give you a recommendation even while you are working with me for other jobs.


Please submit your application at: as well as


Many thanks,

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