How Donna Magazine Services Can Help You

By Donna Kakonge, Owner

Prices subject to negotiation based on difficulty to pay in USD.

It’s 9:00 a.m. every day and Customer B has just paid online at Donna Magazine (please click on the hyperlink for more information) in order to have business assignment written and edited for class. With a 12-slide Microsoft PowerPoint presentation included, and charts using Microsoft Visio, graphs, and tables included in additional Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word documents, the documents are delivered to Customer B no later than their deadline with A+ grades received. Another customer at 4:00 p.m. every day pays online at Donna Magazine and needs web pages done with Microsoft Visio Studio. The customer receives his webpages no later than their deadline. Another customer at 6:00 p.m. every day pays online Donna Magazine and needs a project management assignment completed with Microsoft Project. The customer receives their timeline no later than their deadline.

It’s early May 2017, and Customer U is inspired to finally write the book that they have been dreaming about for the past 20 years with a manuscript sitting dormant on their desktop. Customer U pays upfront right at Donna Magazine and for the next number of months, Customer U writes her book, I, Donna Kakonge, edit the book, and promote the book on my online magazine Donna Magazine. I also help Customer U to get the book self-published on such online platforms as, Barnes & Noble, iBooks, iTunes, Ingram,, Smashwords, Kobo, Indigo, and also help Customer U do consignment author appearances at Indigo where if the book sells well, Customer U can have her book on the shelves of Indigo for a number of months.

It’s Friday, February 16, 2018, and Customer Y is in a legal bind with a civil litigation case in the United States. He pays online at Donna Magazine and after emails, a Skype meeting, and documents from the customer shared, I, Donna Kakonge, write an order to deny the motion to dismiss his trial of the civil litigation suit. The case is still on-going.

It’s February 2018, and a different Customer B has a great online blog/magazine that also became a book with the help of Donna Magazine. Customer S now returns to me, Donna, in order for me to help her to create an online business from her successful website.

It’s December 2016, and a different Customer U who knows me personally is interested in my hair oils blends. She has unique Jewish hair and I blend an oil combination that is just right for her genetic makeup. A week later, Customer U makes an appearance on CITY-TV for work purposes, with the hair oils that she bought from me in her hair.

It’s July 2017, and a different Customer Y who is the brother of the different Customer U is also interested in my hair oil blends in order to fight off mosquitoes on his upcoming camping trip. I meet with him in person and sell him one of my oils. He receives fewer mosquitos’ bites as a result of purchasing my oils.

There is a lot more Donna Magazine can do for you. Please click on the hyperlink for more information.

About Donna Kakonge

            Donna Kakonge is an author, publisher, writer, former court reporter (stenographer), online lawyer, semi-retired college professor, academic, business owner, and mentor. You can contact me directly with any specific questions at