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You're never too old to read a children’s book. Or make one.
We think making a children’s book is a great way to get in touch with your inner child and free your creativity in unexpected ways. You don’t have to have everything figured out when you start. Maybe you just have the kernel of an idea. Or a few funny sentences or quick sketches. The important thing is to let your imagination run wild. Free the book (and the kid) within. Here’s what you’ll discover in this week’s newsletter:
Custom alphabet books as easy as ABC

An interview with Briana Loewinsohn

Bring a story to life

Tips and tricks from a
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Blurb in the classroom

Getting seriously creative
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A collection of children’s books you’ll only find at Blurb
A Home for Baby Acorn

This book was created to help the author’s adopted son understand why and how he came to be adopted. We thinkBaby Acorn can help more children to do the same.

The Empathic Egg

A tongue-twisting adventure artfully pictured and penned. Bezert’s “dreamatical journey” is one older children are sure to enjoy.

Captain Tiny

Tiny (by name not nature) is a little mouse with a big mission. Accomplished illustrations bring the adventures ofCaptain Tiny—and his good friend Teeny—to life.

Wombat & Bunyip

There’s someone for everyone—Bunyip or otherwise—as this heartwarming tale confirms. These creative characters are sure to set little imaginations alight.

Sweet Steffi

A lovely rhyming tale that follows little duckling “Sweet Steffi” on her journey to find a playmate. Illustrated by Venezuelan artist Piktorama, and suitable for ages 4–8.

Susie goes into the garden

From a series of six books (and counting), Susie the dog encourages children to interact and help her find things throughout.

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PS We’re expanding the way the world thinks about books. Have you made something amazing? Share your book with us. Just use the hashtag #freethebook.
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