First Meeting

We meet in March of 2000 in Montreal. Daniel is twenty-four, he will be turning twenty-five on November seventeenth of that year. I am four years older and am turning twenty-eight on August twelfth of that year.

We meet at the identification desk of the CBC. I am working as an announcer/producer with Radio Canada International on an African program. Daniel is working as an intern with a popular Sunday morning radio show for French radio. I walk into the building wearing a tweed Franco Ferre suit. I don’t remember what Daniel is wearing, but I am struck by his large green eyes and dark brown hair. I didn’t know he will change my life.

Daniel comes up to me. It is obvious he is coming onto me. Being shorter, he looks up to me. The only way I look down on him is feeling nervous about his intentions.

We meet again at a restaurant in the gay village surrounding the Radio-Canada building. I lay down my personal laws.

“I don’t want you to cheat. I want you to be honest. Don’t boss me around. I won’t stand for a man hitting me. I don’t want you to yell. Treat me with respect.”

He nods and agrees.

“Oh yes, and I’m bipolar.”

His law for me is to promise I’ll take my medication.