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Empowering Youth to Combat Cyberbullying

September 6, 2013

Ontario Supporting Crime Prevention Projects Across the Province

Ontario is supporting an innovative project that will give youth the skills and confidence needed to combat cyberbullying.
With funding from the Safer and Vital Communities Grant program, Toronto-based Youth Assisting Youth will provide young people ages six to 17 with the knowledge and resources needed to prevent cyberbullying. Youth will also learn what they can do to support others in their community who are suffering from the effects of cyberbullying.
This is among 48 crime prevention projects across the province that will help police and local community groups protect vulnerable youth and keep their communities safe.
In total, Ontario is funding 25 projects through the Safer and Vital Communities Grant to support crime prevention initiatives by community groups aimed at early intervention with children and youth at-risk, as well as 23 projects through the Proceeds of Crime Front Line Policing Grant to help police services work with their local communities on crime prevention initiatives.
Supporting local projects to prevent crime, including cyberbullying, is part of the Ontario government’s plan to help keep communities safe.


  • The Proceeds of Crime Front Line Policing grant is supported with funds forfeited to the province as proceeds of crime following criminal prosecutions.
  • Established in 2004, the Safer and Vital Communities Grant has invested approximately $7 million to support local crime prevention initiatives.
  • The overall youth crime rate in Ontario is 23 per cent lower than in 2000. The youth violent crime rate is also down by 17 per cent over the same period, better than the national rate, which dropped 10 per cent.



“Protecting vulnerable young people from becoming victims of crime or becoming involved in crime is critical to keeping our communities safe. It requires the involvement not only of the police but of the entire community. That’s why we’re pleased to support police and community groups as they work to meet these objectives.”
— Madeleine Meilleur, Minister of Community Safety and Correctional Services
“Cyberbullying is one of the greatest threats facing young people in the digital world. By giving youth the tools to recognize and deal with this threat, we’re helping to prevent crime. The support of the province in this effort is most welcome.”
— Sally Spencer, CEO, Youth Assisting Youth


Craig MacBride
Minister’s Office

Brent Ross
Communications Branch

Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services



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