Chapter Thirteen of How to Write Creative Non-fiction by Donna Kay Kakonge

Hello again for the last time and farewell to this ebook – it’s been a pleasure. There are some people that say writing is the hardest job to do – I think it’s the most wonderful job to do, including teaching it.

Yes, it’s a tough profession. There are about a half a million writers in the United States alone, about five percent of them get published. However, with the Internet, all of that is changing. The best advice I can give to you is to start your own website. Plus network with other writers and anyone you can meet so you can develop contacts and story ideas. The aim is to have a balanced life outside the solitude which can come with writing.

I hope you have found these chapters created by myself, Donna Kakonge, to be useful in your quest to make writing a substantial part of your life. Whether you do it part-time, full-time or occasionally, you will find it will become an important part of your life. To become a true professional, you must continue practicing for your entire life.

Good luck on your journey!

At this point you need to complete your final assignment. As well, don’t forget to update your resume to include the completion of this ebook. With that, here is the final assignment.


Going back to chapter one and using all of the techniques you have learned in this ebook, write a creative non-fiction piece of no more than 10 pages and post to your personal website .

If you choose to write a memoir: write the first chapter of your memoir, no longer than ten pages of a word processing program. Make sure it’s single spaced and formatted similar to how you’ve seen these chapter plans.

If you choose to write a personal essay: the personal essay should be no longer than four pages and follow the guidelines in chapter one.

If you choose to write a feature: the feature should be about two to three pages in length and follow the guidelines in chapter one.

If you choose to write a profile: the profile should be no longer than three pages and include other sources than your protagonist or main subject for the piece.

If you choose to write a travel piece: the piece should be about three pages and describe a place in-depth following the guidelines in chapter one.

If you choose to write an analysis and a review: the review should be about a movie, a book, a play, a television show, etc. and be no longer than three pages.

Good luck with that as well! It’s been a pleasure presenting this ebook to you.