Celebrate the Sounds of Boomerbroadcast: Baby Boomer Reflects on the Journey from Living Life in the Sixties to Living Life in Her Sixties

Enjoy this wonderful book by Lynda Davis based on her blog Boomerbroadcast. Having the book in your hand is much easier than following the blog online! Kick back on a beach and read, create a book club, throw parties or just relax in your lounge chair at home and enjoy Boomerbroadcast.

Collection of essays about issues relevant to Baby Boomers, particularly women. This includes fashion, mind, body, current events, business, social causes, movies and books. Davis relates her own experiences and observations with a touch of humour including lessons learned and our place in the world today.

Purchase it on Amazon for a great price of $9.82 CDN today!

BoomerBroadcast: Baby Boomer reflects on the journey from living life in the Sixties to living life in her Sixties


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