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Shoes of mass destruction

By Rachel Muenz It begins with a flash of light just below the windows of the aircraft. Then, the fuselage buckles outward and bursts into thousands of pieces which flutter to the ground like shreds of paper. A cloud of thick smoke engulfs half…


By Julianna LaRocque Follow me into my world, Things are not quite as they seem, Spiraling and whirling into beauty or insanity, You can decipher for yourself. Belonging is the easy route, we think. Everyone following suit, What a horrible thing to believe. Acceptance…

Human Dignity Amongst the Clouded Priorities

By Julianna LaRocque In today’s society, it is incredulously easy to get caught up in the wrong things. There is immense pressure put on the physical things, that I feel that we lose touch with what is truly important. Of course, I am not…

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