Dr. Donna Kakonge’s Writing Service (Online School Help)

Former Just Answer Homework Expert offering you fast service at better prices.

Fees are subject to negotiation for people having problems paying in USD.

Payments are tax deductible under education expenses. You also receive free .pdf books with purchase that I have written of the same money amount of purchase of your choice. If revisions are needed, they can be done for free for minor revisions.

All Subjects plus resumes

Dr. Donna Kay Cindy Kakonge, BJ, MA, TESOL, LLB, EdD is offering online tutoring courses at group rates and individual rates. The contact information to find out more is below. My résumé to find out how I can help you. The courses are affordable. I also communicate completely, both written and spoken in all languages. You need to pay upfront before services are performed and the payment method is below.

Donna Kakonge’s Writing Service – Online Writing and Editing

You can pay right here. The price is $6.00 USD per page.


Donna Kakonge’s Writing Service (Online School Help)

Please pay here before providing me with your homework instructions. Extra pages subject to extra billing. All Subjects provided. Satisfaction guaranteed. No Refunds with the exception of the First-Time Purchase so that you can try out my services. Your payment also includes pre-arranged Skype calls and email responses. Expenses are tax deductible. Minimum payment of $15.00 USD.


All Subjects

If you need editing of your homework assignments and help with test questions and examinations, the price is $3.00 USD per page with a $15.00 USD minimum payment. You need to pay upfront first. Please adjust the payment pricing to your assignment guideline requirements.

Editing of Your Homework Assignments

If you require editing of your homework assignments or a few questions answered regarding tests and examinations (all subjects), the rate is $3.00 USD per page with a $15.00 USD minimum payment. This price also includes scheduled Skype calls, as well as email responses.


Contact drdonnakakonge@gmail.com or contact me below. Prices are $6.00 USD per page with a $15.00 USD minimum payment:

Please email me directly at donnakakongetheteacher@gmail.com




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