25 Things Supercar Owners Do On The Road That The Rest Of Us Can’t Stand

Many of us absolutely adore supercars and we admire supercar owners. Just the thought that a supercar can cost sometimes more than the average house, ranging in prices of $1 million to more than $3 million dollars for just a supercar is an impressive thing to see on the roadways, highways, or just parked in a busy parking lot. Despite the good impressions that supercars leave on many of us, there are some things that supercar owners do on the road that the rest of us just can’t stand. With the 25 things that supercar owners do on the road that the rest of us do not like, from spoiling supercars to rude supercar owners, to racing other cars, to calling the police when their supercar is touched, to the special treatment that supercar owners get at your local dealership, there are some things that supercar owners do that we just can’t stand!

  1. Race other cars

Million-dollar supercars going 301 mph soaring down highways against a car that can only go at its fastest half that speed we all really hate. These supercar owners will cut off on the highway, and drive so dangerously, you may even have your children in the car with you and you are hoping that you will stay alive. They zip in and out of laneways, and their engines roar so loudly that you can’t even concentrate on your driving, or enjoy your own selected musical choice in your own vehicle.

  1. Jump green lights

You’re sitting at a green light, admiring the beautiful supercar and wondering how much the owner of the supercar paid for the vehicle, and not only has the green light not turned fully green and the supercar has already raced off through the stale red light, the car behind you blares its horns because you’re delayed advancing through the green light. Also, you may be delayed at a green light by trying to ask them a question about their supercar and again, this ends up distracting and delaying regular traffic.

  1. Brag supercar at gas stations

You’re at a gas station and the supercar owner has not only barged in front of you in order to get their tank filled, when anyone asks them questions about their supercar, they spend hours bragging about their vehicle, talking about how fast it goes, and if it’s a male supercar owner, they also start bragging about the amount of “babes” they pick up with their beautiful car. Not only does this slow down getting gas, but most of the men are also drooling and jealous, and all the women are offended.

  1. Won’t let anyone touch supercar

The supercar can be anywhere where it’s stationary. It could be parked; it could be stuck in traffic. You try to touch their car, you may even be polite enough to ask if you can touch the car, even more than once, even after getting into a friendly discussion with the supercar owner, and the supercar owner is so concerned that your fingernails, whether male or female, will chip even a little bit of paint on the car, that they will not even let you touch their car even once.

  1. Call police when supercar touched

The supercar owner and says “no” to you touching their car, you think to yourself, why not take the chance? Touching that supercar is like touching millions of dollars at one given time and how many people in their lifetimes have the chance to do that? You go over to it and touch it, wanting to know what this luxury vehicle feels like, or if it feels any different from your own vehicle. The owner sees you doing it and they’re right on their smartphone ready to call the police.

  1. Lie about the speed of a supercar

You’re in conversation with the supercar owner about their beautiful vehicle and you are wondering what the highest speed that the vehicle goes is. The vehicle could at its fastest go about 301 mph at the maximum, and the supercar owner is standing there, telling you, as though you are so stupid to believe every single word that they say, or that you know nothing about supercars and about cars and vehicles in general, that the supercar could easily win any Indy 500 race and goes about 500 mph! Lie!

  1. Specs of supercar too detailed

You’re in conversation with the supercar owner and they’re reeling off the specs of the vehicle as though they’re not even speaking English. You may not even know much about cars, and they’re going on about the engine size, the number of doors on the vehicle, how many speed changes are on the clutch, plus the make, brand, and manufacturer country of the car and you’re thinking to yourself: “the only vehicle I’m used to getting in and out of are the two doors that belong to city public transit.”

  1. Hide price paid for a supercar

“How much does the car cost?” How much did you pay for the car?” The supercar owner just keeps talking about the car, all of the attention that she or he gets by owning the car, and how long they’ve owned the supercar. They won’t answer any of your questions about how much they paid for the supercar or its price. You say something polite, or perhaps not polite, and walk away, feeling frustrated and defeated that your main question, your main interest in the supercar was not ever answered.

  1. Supercar is given as a gift

There are some supercar owners that honestly don’t even know how much the supercar they own costs because it was a gift from rich people in their lives. It could be rich parents, uncles, aunts, cousins, spouses, partners, their own children even, or friends. It’s possible that they could have even won the car in some kind of contest, or they won the money in order to buy the car at some place such as a casino. This can really irk the rest of us who are not supercar owners.

  1. Supercar double parked

It’s a busy parking lot; everyone coming in there is jockeying for a parking spot. Cars that are leaving the parking lot are carefully and slowly backing out of the lot because there is not a lot of space to get out of the parking lot. You’ve been circling around the parking lot and you are late for where you need to be. Then, the one spot that you can see available is taken up by a supercar that is taking up two spots parked in an arrogant diagonal manner!

  1. Rude supercar owners

The supercar owner may have finished double parking their car. You’re so awed by the beauty of their supercar that you try to get into a conversation with them to ask questions about the supercar. They snub you off and offer you their cold shoulder and completely ignore you when you have nothing but friendly, kind, and interested. The other situation where this can happen is when you’re stuck and traffic and right beside a supercar and clearly, there’s nothing else to do but chat and the supercar owner ignores you.

  1. Exorbitantly priced supercar tires

You’re driving down a busy highway with your vehicle and you see this supercar that is the car of your dreams and wonder what the supercar price is. You pull off the highway and pull out your smartphone and start searching for the price of that supercar. You find out the going price for the supercar is about $3 million USD. Just out of curiosity, you continue to read more information about the supercar and find out that the tires alone on that supercar cost more than your entire vehicle!

  1. Snobby supercar owners

There are some people in this life that will live the high life at any price. They will get into loads of debt just to keep up with Joneses. You pride yourself on being a humble person, with a humble car, and humble home, all paid for with few to none bills each month. You are intrigued by people who live their life fast and furious and get into a conversation with a supercar owner to discover that they are a despicable person and a true and downright snob!

  1. Supercar owner in mid-life crisis

You see someone who is a supercar owner and their grey hair is colored to their hair color at birth, they are wearing ill-fitting clothing that is more suitable to a man and/or woman who would be 20 years younger, and their partners and/or spouses are half their age. It is obvious to you that this supercar owner is going through a mid-life crisis and not only are they so painfully demonstrating their own feelings of inadequacy and fear of death to everyone, they are also acting arrogant and rude.

  1. Supercar owner jealousy

You have always dreamed of owning and/or even having access to a supercar to drive, and you see all these people, even neighbors with beautiful supercars, it can be extremely difficult not to feel jealous of these people, especially when they are kind, honest, gentle people, who are also lucky enough to be supercar owners. You wish that your local police department would for one day allow people to break the law so that you can steal the vehicle, go for a joy ride and then bring it right back.

  1. Neighbors think supercar owners rich

Owning a supercar, particularly in a neighborhood that is not extremely wealthy, everyone in that neighborhood and right throughout the city or town is going to think that you must have received a large sum of money either from a federal lottery, a state lottery, an inheritance, or a divorce settlement, or any other way that people come across large sums of money at one given time such as a civil lawsuit. People do not like to see their neighbors with supercars in their neighborhood flaunting either wealth or debt.

  1. No rides in a supercar

No matter how you beg the supercar owner, no matter how many times you ask them nicely, they will not let you have a ride in their supercar. They zoom past you as you drive either in your much slower and less fancy vehicle, plus even zoom past you while you while you are waiting for public transit on a cold and rainy day, it could even be freezing outside, and they see you, but no matter what, they will not allow you to have a ride in their supercar.

  1. Supercar owners, no “thank you”

You love the person you know who has a beautiful supercar. You always tell them how much you love their supercar, how beautiful it is, how you admire how fast it goes, and the brand, make, and country of manufacturer of the supercar, and as much as you keep telling this, even over decades when they have had supercar after new supercar, they have not even once told you even a “thank you.” These are the kinds of things that the rest of us can’t stand about some supercar owners.

  1. Dealership treatment

You’ve done your best to keep organized and you show up at your dealership even 15 minutes before it opens for regular maintenance on your vehicle. Your right in discussion with the customer service at the dealership and you’ve even greeted the owner of the dealership whom you’ve known for decades, and someone who just bought a supercar and is completely new to the dealership, comes racing in, double parks, and everyone you were just speaking to interrupts the conversation with you and goes running to help the supercar owner.

  1. Supercar owners and loud music

There are many people, who work from home now, or they may have children at home that need peace and quiet, or senior citizens that also need peace and quiet, plus many of us enjoy the peace and quiet of our neighborhoods even walking down the street. Some arrogant and obnoxious supercar owner comes speeding down the street blasting music so loud that you can hear it right throughout the neighborhood and/or area, and these are the kinds of things that the rest of us can’t stand about supercar owners.

  1. Fake supercar owners

You could be someone who knows many supercar owners because you live in an area of the United States, such as California, where there are a lot of supercar owners. You know some of the tops of the line supercars are easily $3 million if not more. People that are driving far less expensive cars, that even you could afford, are strutting around parking lots, strutting around gas stations, and racing down the road cutting off other people and speeding and acting as they have a car better than supercars.

  1. Supercar price when middle-class

You’re so middle-class that you don’t even own a computer or a smartphone. You need to go to the public library to even look up the price of how much a supercar costs and all you can afford is your library card for basic entertainment purposes because you can’t afford cable, and you can’t afford food. You just saw a supercar on your way to the employment office. You see a supercar to discover that the price of the supercar could have you living a comfortable life for two lifetimes.

  1. Buy a supercar? Why?

Not everyone is envious of people who have supercars. With the cost of a supercar, some more than $3 million, even two homes could be bought that could be rented out to the point that the rental income would be enough to pay off the mortgage on that home that you own. When people know these kinds of things, many of them think, why would anyone buy a supercar when it depreciates in value the moment you drive it off the dealership lot and does not bring you any money?

  1. Supercar owners acting like superstars

These are the kinds of people who own supercars, and their supercars are the only thing that they have going for them. They have no real talent, and no special qualities, yet, what they do will brag about their supercar, live the life that isn’t only associated with owning a supercar, but also the lifestyle of a superstar. Busting into VIP parties, and name dropping people who are stars that they do not even know or if you asked the person, they would not know who the supercar owner is.

  1. Spoiling supercars

Some supercars can really be a stunning work of beauty; many of them are vehicle artwork. It is such a shame for anyone who loves cars, to see a supercar spoiled with spoilers, tacky accessories, and decals because the supercar owner has some fantasy that by driving through a residential neighborhood, he or she is actually driving the Indy 500. The rims on their supercar may even be studded with something as wasteful as real diamonds, and they have interior accessories to their car that just looks tasteless and outlandish!







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    I’m going to be completely honest with you… I respectfully disagree with you. In fact, I own a supercar, a 2009 satin chrome red Nissan G-TR R35 premium. The part in the beginning about jumping green lights and racing other people is true, but most people enjoy watching that, at least from what I can tell. Also, the cars with a price range in the millions are generally hyper cars, like a Pagani Zonda Cinque or a Koenigsegg Agera R.

    1. I respectfully understand your position! :-). That article was assigned to me so that is why the content is as it is. You should see the other article that I wrote on the top three supercars in the world, and this is more of an example of how impressed I am with supercars, as a luxury item. Personally, if I had the money for a supercar, I don’t think I would buy them, but the article was not meant to knock those people who do have supercars :-). Thank you so much for your comment because something such as your comments actually should be addressed and your comments are appreciated!