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Gregory Abbott – Shake You Down (Official Video)

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The natural beauty of Fernando de Noronha

By Murilo Padoan

It was my first time on that island. During the accurate land procedure of the airplane, the natural beauty of Fernando de Noronha already became noticeable: the clear green-blue water was contrasting with the volcanic black stones stood along with the coast and the flowed fly of the birds seemed like a dance in the sky, enriching the landscape in a wonderful way.
Due to the period that I arrived, the island was surrounded by a restless and threatened sea and the waves were as beautiful as dangerous.
At the end of the afternoon, despite being alone and wondering about what I was going to do in order to get a ride back to my hotel, I just kept strolling along the soft sand of the Conceição’s beach. I could feel the wind all over my skin and heard the swing of the fierce waves taking turns with the pulling back movement of the tide – paying some attention, I could be aware of the silence established between the end of a wave and the begging of the pulling tide. It was like poetry for all the five senses. I’ll never forget that moment.

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