World Literary Nonfiction Writing Daily Workshops in Toronto, Ontario, Canada with Airbnb Experiences and Donna Magazine (Online and In-Person) Hosted by Author Donna Kakonge

World Literary Nonfiction Writing Hosted by Donna Kakonge on Airbnb Experiences.


People interested in writing a book and publishing it, offered in a variety of genres, have the opportunity to learn more about what creative non-fiction and literary nonfiction is about. The participants involved with the workshop can ask five questions or more about writing and find out the answers to how they can improve their own writing or their manuscript to publish it traditionally or self-publish. The realities of the world of writing are also questions that will be answered, with an emphasis on the financial realities of the average writer, and also, for those seeking to be either full-time and/or part-time writers, what they can realistically expect to earn from the craft and the art of writing. Questions around grants and awards will be answered, plus ways of branching out writing skills to not only various legitimate industries, but also into various legitimate genres such as travel writing, hospitality writing, adventure writing, and writing about your home country for government and travel purposes or corporate travel purposes, plus for personal use, heritage and ancestry discovery, educational purposes, entertainment purposes, writing screenplays and for television and radio, etc. The opportunity for networking is included and to gain knowledge of Canadian writers. Tips on good reads at the Toronto Public Library are included. We can meet a Faema Caffé at a time that works for you in Toronto, Ontario, Canada at Dupont and Christie, or online.


Author: kakonged

I am an author, journalist, teacher, and lawyer who lives in Toronto, Canada.

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