Happy Canada Day update from ThatChannel! 👍

Hi everyone, 

Happy Canada Day! First, two pieces of good news:  

1. Summer seems to have finally arrived, and  
2. ThatChannel is still here on Bay Street (for now)  

Huge thanks to everyone who has been in touch, contributed to our crowdfunding campaign and offered help in many forms, including new studio space. It’s been kind of overwhelming, and I have not even been able to call everyone back who is trying to help. I am so truly grateful for the support. Thank you.  

It’s been quite a roller coaster ride that began in mid-June, with ThatChannel given till the end of June to pack up and leave. As of Friday, we got an extension to the end of July. It’s only for a small portion of our current space, but we’ve been given much needed time to keep the business going as we focus on next steps, and hopefully raise the funds we need for a successful transition.

We continue to seek investors and mentors who share our vision and can properly capitalize on the project. If we can put that in place this week (by July 7), we may even be able to maintain all of our existing facilities.  

You can see how we’re doing at the following link. If you can help by sharing or making any kind of contribution, we truly appreciate it:  

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