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Save ThatChannel Studios!

Save ThatChannel!
Hi Everyone,
I’ve got some sad news. After 15 years of internet broadcasting – supporting entrepreneurs, artists, and activists, we’ve been asked to leave our Bay St. studio with very short notice. Our last day of production will be this Friday, going live with “We Are Speechmakers” from 7-9pm. Then we are packing up everything and getting out of the building by Canada Day. 

At present, we have not found a new home. We are open to working with great people, and a great venue that ideally could accommodate live video, audio, and music production. We are also still looking for the ideal investment partner that shares our vision for ultimate success. If you or someone you know might be able to help with this or with a new home for ThatChannel, pls let me know.

We are raising funds for our new home. We’re grateful if you can help by supporting us through GoFundMe:
Click here to support ThatChannel on GoFundMe
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Donna Kakonge’s Author Spotlight on Lulu.com


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