How to Keep Your Rose Bushes Blooming Every Year

Revive your glorious rose bushes on your property with DIY!

If you have rose bushes around your home, or anywhere on your property, first of all, consider yourself lucky, consider yourself fortunate. Nothing is like the beautiful bloom of roses, in any color from white to yellow, to pink, to red, with their beautiful green stems and thorns to always remind you that true love or friendship is something that must be treated with care and requires caring people to participate.  So, when your rose bushes do not bloom in one year, bloom in another year, or go through continuous seasons of not blooming, this article to help you to find a do-it-yourself (DIY) solution to bring the beauty of your rose bushes back to your home.

You can do this yourself – DIY! Here’s how:

1. Why Do Rose Bushes Bloom in Some Years and Not in Others?

There could be a number of reasons why your rose bushes are not blooming. The fertilizer that is not applied to the rose bushes or the fertilizer that you are using for the rose bushes may not be agreeing with changing climate conditions for the rose bushes. The solution to this would then be to use a combination of well-balanced plant food, plus fertilizer in order to revive your rose bushes.

Pests can also be one of the reasons why your rose bushes are not blooming as well. Insects can literally nibble away at the buds of the rose bushes which will cause the rose bushes not to bloom. The best way to treat this would be to use an environmentally-friendly pesticide such as mint or peppermint.

Environmental stresses can also be another reason why your rose bushes are not blooming. Excessively harsh winter conditions can produce rose bushes in spring that does not bloom. The rose bushes may also not be receiving enough light to bloom. It’s possible that again due to environmental stresses, there are not enough ultraviolet rays (UV) rays in order to fully revive the bloom of the rose bushes. On the contrary end of all this, the rose bushes could also not be receiving enough water from rainfall.

2. Could Your Rose Bushes Have ‘Blind Shoots?’

Rose bushes that come out like blind shoots can be like the sensation of a great home that does not have a stitch of furniture in it. The rose bushes will come out as though they are going to form blooming buds, and they will also even have buds on the stems of the rose bushes, however, the rose bushes will not bloom. The reasons behind blind shoots are really not known to garden care experts; however, many experts highly suspect that environmental conditions could be the main reason why blind shoots occur for rose bushes.

3. How Do I Solve the Basic Problems First?

When it comes to the fertilizer of the rose bushes, please take the time to test the soil’s PH balance. Finding a neutralizing soil complement to the current soil, that you will purchase to use with the existing soil, will help to provide a more grounding essence for the rose bushes. Also, making sure that you add a well-balanced plant food that is also PH balanced is essential to ensure that the fertilizer and the plant food will revive your rose bushes if the fertilizer is the sole problem at hand.

As mentioned before, using mint or peppermint is a wonderful solution for ensuring that you keep pests and insects away from your rose bushes if it is insects and pests which are the essential problem at-hand when it comes to your rose bushes. When it comes to the environmental stresses and the UV rays, some of the ways you could counteract some of the challenges of the environment yourself is perhaps purchasing some kind of protective layers, such as a tarp, to put over your rose bushes when the weather conditions are not in favor of your rose bushes keeping healthy. Plus added some specially treated water that contains nutrients that you can find a specialty garden shop can help to solve your water problems if that is the target issue for why your rose bushes have not been blooming.

4. What to Do About Blind Shoots?

Sometimes, the best solution, if you have no solution, could be to simply start again. What you may want to do in the case of blind shoots is to replant a whole new rose bush, no different than you would if you had a diseased tree that required digging up and being replanted with a tree planting.

5. Finding Cost-Effective Ways to Revive Your Rose Bushes

Asking friendly and trusted neighbors who also have rose bushes to borrow some of their supplies, or to pay them a little something for their trouble, can be resourceful ways for finding all of the supplies that you would need, in a cost-effective method, in order to revive your rose bushes.

When it comes to replanting rose bushes, try to see if you can work with your state’s department of parks and recreation to see if they can recommend places that sell discounted rose bushes in order to get a good price for top-quality rose bushes plants to plant.


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