Cost Effective Ways to Repaint Your Fence

Freshen up the paint on your fence at a low-cost using DIY!

The fence around your home is usually one of the first things that passers-by or anyone visiting your home will see. When you have guests, your fence should look remarkable in order to show them that you put in the special touches in order to show that you are proud of your home, plus happy to be in it, and happy that people who live there and your guests are there. This do-it-yourself (DIY) project will help you to do an easy renovation of the fences that are on your home, or on your property. You will also find out how to paint your fence for beginners.

You can do this yourself – DIY! Here’s how:

1. Shop Online for Used Paint

There are tons of people out there right in the neighborhood where you live, or throughout your city, or country, or all over the world depending on if you can get free shipping or how urgently you would need the paint, where you can find used paint that someone else has used that they could even be giving away for free. Such sites as Craigslist and Kijiji are fantastic for people that are just trying to get rid of some what they would call “junk paint” that would be your sheer pleasure because you could turn it into a wonderful project to basically renovate your fences around your home.

2. Finding the Least Expensive Paint for Fences if You Do Pay

Checking out a hardware store or home store in order to receive suggestions from staff on what is the least expensive paint to use for your fences is the best option to start with if you do want to pay for paint fence. Other options include also purchasing spray paint for fences and you can also use this paint your fences as well, where rust-proof spray paint would cost approximately $45 if you purchase the best cans of paint this would cost approximately $209 just for one can. You can also purchase used paint as mentioned before online.

3. Instead of Hiring Painters, Get Your Friends and Family to Help You

You could choose to hire a painter to paint your fence; however, the costs of just the painter, not including the paint can cost $2,000! This must be the reason why you’re reading this article! You see, if you are reminded that you could purchase a $20.00 super-size pizza and have even three other people of family and friends help you, you are only spending 1% of the cost that you would have in order to hire a painter, or to DIY.

4. Tips on Making the Fence Look Great

You will need an exterior acrylic wood primer first before you put on the coat of paint. Remember, it is up to you what color you choose to paint your fence, basically meaning that the fence does not need to be white. Some people choose to stain a fence to the color of the wood if it is a wooden fence. Just as much as a fence does not need to be painted white, nor does it need to be a wooden fence either. The choice of whether to stain or paint the fence is up to you. We will discuss briefly staining a fence in this article.

It really does not need to take a long time to paint or stain a fence. Depending on its length and size, it could even take just one day out of your time. This is an extremely easy DIY project to do. Unpainted fences just end up making the entire exterior of your home look undone, unless that is the way that you want your home to look. Since you are reading this article, it can be imagined that you aiming to achieve a finished look to your home that will be representative of the kind of person that you are.

Before you begin painting the fence, you will need to move away from anything from the fence that would get in the way of you painting the fence. Also, make sure that you sweep away any debris that would be surrounding the fencing area of your home. Please also do not forget to lay down any sheets that you have, any sheets or even newspaper that you either do not need anymore or can be washed in order to protect any concrete that is underneath the fence. Usually, the grass is cut so you don’t need to worry about grass too much, in particular, if you are really strapped for something to protect basically the ground where you will be painting.

What is important though is that you use something like a newspaper in order to protect any poles, etc. that you do not want to get painted, and you do not want any paint stains or spray paint stains, or staining stains.  Make sure you basically have a good roller brush, plus a smaller hand-held brush in order to do the painting of the fence. The hand-held brush is more important for the staining of the fence.

If the fence has been unattended for a while, please remember to take a soft cloth to the wood, if the fence is wooden, in order to wipe away any dirt and/or grime that would be on the fence before you begin to paint and/or stain the fence.

The philosophy of working on the hardest part of the fence first works when you paint the fence. This means that starting with the bottom boards of the fence and painting up, vertically, or horizontally depending on how the boards of your fence are laid and its construction, will help to ensure that you have a beautiful job with your fence once you have completed the DIY project.

5. How Often Should You Be Painting Your Fence?

You are the best person ideally to determine how often to repaint your fence. Ideally, experts recommend that you should repaint your fence about every two to three years. This also depends heavily on the climate conditions within the area where you live, and a number of other reasons such as the basic wear and tear of your fence. Your fence may be something that could be protected by an overhang, such as a balcony or verandah as an example, which would mean that you can go a longer period of time in order to repaint your fence.


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