Becoming Your Voice

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Spring 2019Becoming Your Voice“There’s an African Proverb that states, “Until the Story of the hunt is told by the Lion, the tale of the hunt will always glorify the hunter.” Be the Lion – Sandra WhitingSandra SehI have been busy these past few months and so now have time “to put pen to paper”. See yah you realize soon many people won’t know what that means??I have been telling stories to hundreds nay thousands of school children & young adults and to adults in libraries; in their workplaces; speaking & M.C’ing at various events and also working as a facilitator with the Institute for Change Leaders headed by Olivia Chow.
I am also in the midst of winding down my volunteer commitment to PACE Canada where it has been my pleasure and honour to serve.
I can truly say that giving back always feels good. It is not always easy. It requires time and commitment but is so worthwhile.
I have also now been working with Max Agency and am on my way to getting some small bookings. I find it exciting and this is/was on my bucket list and I aim to jump in and learn and stretch myself a lot.
I invite you to do the same. Is there something you have long wanted to try but have been hesitant? Take the plunge and as Nike says Just Do It!!
It has always been my practice to say YES to new projects; new initiatives and it has always paid off in spades.
So with that in mind I am offering a workshop on Event Planning and I hope to see you there and I will continue to tell my stories to bigger and new audiences so will be focusing on getting more of those speaking gigs.
Exciting and a bit nerve wracking but I always say Yes-to new adventures.Join me on my ride!!!The Nuts and Bolts of Event PlanningFINDING SATISFACTION THROUGH VOLUNTEER SERVICEIn today’s fast-paced society, it is easy to get focused on ourselves and our goals—to become a bit self-absorbed. But those who have been around long enough know that only taking care of you doesn’t lead to long-term happiness. No, some of the greatest satisfactions in life come from serving others, from the knowledge that you have brightened someone’s day or improved their life. Giving of your time gives you purpose, and helps you connect more deeply with others—and life without purpose and interpersonal connections is no life at all.
When I first arrived in To many years ago I sought out an organization to begin volunteering with and got steered to Central Neighbourhood House and became a Big Sister. The first experiences were challenging and racism reared its ugly head with my being told by a mother that she didn’t want “no n——-r around her child”. The contact who had taken me to the home was shocked and didn’t know what to say but the young girl told her Mum “I want to go with her”. She had put on her best blue dress for the occasion and she was ready and so was I. 
Read moreSandra Whiting on the importance of storytellingwith CBC’s Nana aba DuncanAhead of receiving the Rose Fortune award at the 2019 Ontario Black History Society’s Black History Month kickoff event, storyteller Sandra Whiting talks about why she shares stories from West Africa and the Caribbean
Listen to the interview here.What I’ve been up to…EM Mills 2019 Womens day event Wednesday March 6, 2019 a 150 came together to network and just have a chill evening celebrating an lifting up each other. Words of wisdom was shared, stories told by Sandra WhitingBBPA WOMEN’S MONTH EVENT: A DIALOGUE WITH BLACK WOMENSandra Whiting shared how the Obama method of engagement works with effective storytelling sharing her story How I got involved in community affairs and volunteering.Board Member and Host at the Titans Of Toronto Reggae Concert Sandra Whiting with the stars of Reggae Titans.Upcoming EventsPACE Canada Strawberry SocialDear Friends,This will be my last Pace Strawberry Tea as President and / Chair of the event as my term will have come to an end by May 27. It has been an honour and a pleasure to serve. I would be so delighted to see you at the Social.You can email me directly or better still go online (see link below) and note my name in the comments section so I can keep track.Thank YouBecoming a StorytellerHow to be Noah; Becoming the StoryWe Become the Story We Tell OurselvesI’ve made it a habit to find out what drives someone, the first time we meet. I find that knowing this reveals more about a person than politics, religion or any of the normal things people use to distinguish themselves.More
Testimonials”Sandra’s talk went very well, it was so nice chatting with her. Whenever I have a new speaker I am often quite anxiously about how it will go etc but once Sandra walked in – all my worries subsided. She went around a spoke to our volunteers before her talk and then mentioned them during her talk – this made a huge impact on our group!
We had the pleasure of having Sandra Whiting provide a talk to our senior volunteers during National Volunteer Week. Sandra brought her entertaining, high energy, engaging and motivational stories and delivered them with heart sprinkled with humor.
If you are looking for a speaker that will make your audience feel good and invoke positive change, Sandra should be your go-to choice. Thank you Sandra!”
Kaylee NorwoodCoordinator, Meals on Wheels, Information & Volunteer ServicesDundas Community Services
Speaking engagement booked by my Agent BrandEQSee Sandra Speak: Upcoming Events!
May 25, 2019 The Nuts and Bolts of Event Planning | Workshop | BBPA 180 Elm StreetTO BOOK SANDRA WHITING  Please click HERESign up for Sandra’s BlogFollow Sandra Whiting ‌  ‌  ‌  CONTACT SANDRAPh: 416 573-1375 | E. | SANDRAWHITING.CA
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