Everything has a place (Originally Published in New Dreamhomes and Condominiums Magazine)

Rose Cerullo, Professional Home Organizer with Inspiring Spaces

That’s the key thing about organizing. By making organizing a process so you develop a system. That makes it fun. Organizing is constant change. For example, just putting 15 minutes a day over a month is hours which is a movement towards your project which makes you feel good. People think it’s going to take so long but taking a baby step and having enough energy to do other things. Do a little bit more, do a little more, like creating a memory that organizing is Ok.

It’s likely you’ll devote the 10 minutes and stop cause you know it’s a process it’s not an end.

Sometimes they don’t know how to get the ball going. They don’t know where to begin. So that requires someone else helping them whether it’s a professional, friend, colleague. But that’s a learning thing.

I’ve been doing this four years and when I started I started helping clients who were pack rats were collectors and didn’t necessarily tune into the energy of how it doesn’t feel good of having all that stuff in their place. People who are organized who are busy and are sensitive to how their environment feels there’s a common denominator with all of them they want a better system they have other things that are a priority who ask for your services. I’m spending too much time doing this over and over and over again, how can I make it more efficient.

I had a client that was magazine perfect, the décor, everything has a place and she walked into the office and I asked her how can I help you. She has about a dozen new projects and the file folders are filed in her drawers and she doesn’t have enough space.

I asked her do you use it regularly, occasionally rarely, or never. Then I asked her to get post it in front of the drawers that she never uses. I had her sit at her computer and identify all the broad categories for her project for the next 12 months. And all the broad categories I had her type them in caps. Creating an index. Then the sub-categories were determined in small letters.

I left her with a 15-minute homework and organizing an appointment with herself. Going to one of those drawers that she rarely uses and get a banker’s box and put the files in a banker’s box in the order she had them in her drawer. Then label on the outside and relocate it to another area in her room like her furnace room because that’s where she has the extra space. Then she would e-mail Rose and this establishes the habit. The key is to schedule time with herself and to follow through with the organizing. Then you feel energy to do something else.

You can apply it to any area of your life. In bite-size chunks and feel energetic after you do it – that’s the key thing you want to feel good about it.

I’m attracting more people who see the value of being organized. They don’t feel overwhelmed anymore.

Sharon Hay – 647-222-8151 e-mail: info@fengshuihay.ca

Feng Shui way by Hay – The less clutter the energy flow is going to be a lot better in the home and condo and that’s not an event it’s a lifestyle. The more you declutter the more comes in and opportunities and other things fall into place.

There are nine stations of life so different elements will enhance different elements of your life. Each element has a colour and a shape.  I get their year of birth which gives me which directions are best for success and fullness rest. I find out how many bedrooms, how long they’ve been living there how old the building is. What’s been going on in their life, if they just got married if they just changed careers. We got forward to remove any blockages and enhance with the elements.

Usually, there’s not much landscaping outside and because we’re only four seasons there are only certain things to enhance that. Even artificial trees, pictures, plants help as well  – missing the negative environmental influences. Even with a condo, they would need more pictures of flowers and vibrant colours of plants and trees.

For stability, interlocking brick is nice, you can have so many trees that you can’t find the house. It’s about balance.

Too much red is too stimulating, too much fire energy. If someone has a lot of kids they have to keep it fairly grounded. Oranges, beiges, taupes, yellows, and things in square patterns. You can have square pillows on the couch – a lot more a feeling of security.

They have to try and keep the toys under control and if things are out in the hallway and picking the rubber ducky off your kitchen counter – things become chaotic, hard to think, hard to focus, the relationship gets stressed.

Muted colours in rooms with kids – in a room where they’re going to spending a lot of time – pastels are better.

Too many hard lines and also have the vibrant colours the parents would be feeling I would just like to get in and get out. The clouds and softer shaped things and especially the ones that are new to feel more relaxed.


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