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Making Coffee on the Cheap (Originally Published on The Shoestring.com)

You can save a bundle just making coffee or coffee alternatives at home and still get that warm toasty feeling from having your first to the last sip.

This is often a good idea since many restaurants that used to have their “bottomless cup” philosophy on coffee and the price of coffee going up at many places is happening all around the globe. Explore your own kitchen or office to find out the pleasure of making coffee on the cheap.

It’s actually cheaper to buy raw beans and roast them at home then it is to keep buying individual cups of coffee from places like Starbucks, and Second Cup in Canada. You can always go to places like health food stores and bulk barns to pay as little as $4 CDN for a decent size bag that will award you lots of cups. You can also select how finely you would like the beans ground. Another way to do it is to buy a coffee-grinder second-hand and do it yourself at home too.

If you’re the kind who only makes one cup, the three-in-one Asian instant coffee is a good choice. There are also all sorts of options for instant coffee that you can find your cheapest grocery store. Many times what it may lack in taste you can add raw sugar which you can get from Second Cup for free or inexpensively from an economical health food store.

There are many coffee alternatives out there. Chicory is one option, which tastes like coffee, but isn’t. I got a great jar of it from a health food store in Montreal for $4.79 CDN that will afford me a lot of cups. As well, there are many decaffeinated coffees out there that are tasty if you feel you don’t need the jolt, or you’ve already had your fill of caffeine.

Let’s not forget tea. Often it’s a great alternative to coffee and as the colder climates approach it is a great option for a hot beverage. The black teas are some of the best to buy, such as jasmine tea and green tea is extremely good for you and inexpensive to buy in Chinatowns.

There are many ways of making homemade iced tea for when the weather gets warm. Going to a health food store and buying horsetail plus adding green tea, then putting it in the fridge to cool makes for a terrific drink for your hair, eyes, teeth, and nails. You can also make iced coffee at home by crushing ice in any old blender that you may have bought from a garage sale or received as a gift. You can also do this with the tea as well.

Bottoms Up!

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