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How to Get Fall Clothing on the Cheap (Originally Published on The Shoestring.com)

The best deal I ever got for Fall was one time when I was in Sudbury shopping with the mother of a friend of mine. I was up there for an interview and she was kind enough to take me to the Value Village. What a great place!

I was able to find a black and white turtleneck sweater, faux suede black pants and a red cardigan that almost equals the Marc Jacobs one I bought for too much money at Holt Renfrew in Toronto. This entire outfit cost $19 CDN with the tax. What a deal!

Ximena, who is a Design Consultant at Neoset Canada Inc. in Toronto, is looking for fall clothes like many of us are.

“I’m looking for jackets with zippers or buttons and long sleeve shirts,” says Ximena.

Ximena is a bargain-shopper and doesn’t plan to spend a lot of money on her clothes.

“Half, I’ll go to Value Village, half I’ll go to the mall so that I can have what’s in style at the moment and then mix-match it.”

The best deal Ximena ever got was at Value Village.

“I bought this gorgeous, gorgeous suede long jacket with real fur on the collar and I got it for $25.”

She mentions that even if you go to Kensington Market in Toronto you would pay at least $100 CDN for a jacket like that.

Value Village is definitely a great place to shop and you can find them in the United States, Canada, and Australia. Like their website says, they are the ultimate in thrift stores when it comes to shopping for clothes.

If free is one of those good four-letter words for you, another alternative to Value Village is holding a clothes party with your friends. I did this one time when I was living in Montreal and it was the idea of my friend at the time, Linnet.

The idea is that since most people only wear 10 percent of the clothes in their closet, they bring the clothes to the party that they want to get rid of or just don’t find themselves wearing. Then, you try on and swap those clothes with your friends at the party. This could be a great form of entertainment as well as doing some free shopping.

If you want to make some cash so you can buy something special that you just can’t find at a shopping party or at Value Village, try selling your clothes at a place like the Ex-Toggery in Toronto. This is only one of the many places where you can take your clothes and they set up an account for you. When your clothes sell, you receive money in your account and then you can cash in. You could, if you choose, use the money to buy the clothes they sell at the Ex-Toggery.

Many places do this sort of thing and the Ex-Toggery is one of the more honest and established places. Take a look in your local Yellow pages or online under “resale clothing” or “buy and sell clothes” to find a good one in your area.

When I was in high school, the Ex-Toggery saved me financially. When I found myself without money I would look through my clothes and take them to the Ex-Toggery to earn some money. But, remember that the Ex-Toggery only takes clothes that are a year old or less old. It needs to be able to sell. Many buy-and-sell clothing stores are like this.

Happy Shopping!

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