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How to Get Dressed for Bed on the Cheap (Originally Published on The Shoestring.com)

If you have the money, then it’s really nice to invest in bedtime clothes. There are all kinds of beautiful things you can wear to bed, like silk, satin or good quality cotton on a hot night.

But, for the ultra-cheap, wearing your own skin may be the solution to cutting down on the expense of pyjamas. With a warm cover like a duvet, you may not even need that extra layer of clothing.

However, if the nights are getting cooler and the climate where you live is starting to show signs of winter, then there are ways to sleep with clothes that don’t cost a fortune. You may still be able to sleep in silk, satin or good quality cotton.

What do you usually do with your old clothes? I don’t mean the ones that may not fit, but the ones that you figure are not fit for wearing outside the house anymore? One solution is to use them as bedclothes.

I have old Club Monaco tops, a Roots top I got from a friend and pants I don’t wear anymore because they have too many holes in them that are perfectly suited for bedtime. The great thing about some of this old outerwear is that if you need to go out of the house before you’ve had a chance to shower and get your day ready, you can probably afford to look a little shabby in public while you pick up that morning newspaper. Hey, if one of the richest women in the world, Oprah, does it, so can you.

You can also make use of hand-me-down clothes this way as well. For parents that are on a tight budget, this may be a great way to get your children dressed for bed without delving into that extra expense of buying them pyjamas. T-shirts with the Transformers on them may look extremely cute on a boy or a girl. It may not be Dora the Explorer, but you can add that to other parts of their wardrobe based on what you can afford.

Getting back to that silk, satin or good quality cotton – every piece of clothing has its time when it looks more suited for the dumpster than your back. You can still make good use out of these clothes by wearing them to bed and again saving yourself a lot of money in buying fresh clothing.

I have a pair of white satin pants that I’ve had since high school. They make me feel like a Queen when I wear them around the house and to bed. I probably wouldn’t wear these out in public past my front door but to each her or his own.

Remember this can be a cost-effective way to still lounge around the house, get around your neighbourhood to do your chores on the weekends and get a good night’s rest.

Bonne Nuit.

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