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Have Fun in the Snow (Originally Published on The Shoestring.com)

It’s here, so you might as well enjoy it. It’s snow, and if plenty has fallen in your area, there are many ways you can make of the most of it.

A nearby golf course, no longer green, can make for a great free cross country ski park. You can also snow-shoe too.

Making snowmen is a better workout than going to the fitness centre. Your nearby park can make a great place for sledding if it has hills. You can buy sleds for as low as $20CDN and have all the entertainment you want, all winter long. It’s a good investment.

For free entertainment, snowball fights are great! As long as you have that kind of snow that is soft and you avoid the eye areas, you can turn a snowfall into a wonderful bonding experience. Plus, all that activity will warm you up.

Once the streets are clear from ice and some of the snow that is really difficult to get through, going for a walk is a relaxing way to spend your weekends. Even if you have to plough through the snow with your legs, this is great exercise. You can marvel at the trees that have changed so much since the spring. Especially around holiday times, if you do your walking at night, you can enjoy the holiday lights on the houses and stores – all this for free.

With a pair of rented skates or ones you already own, many places have rinks where you can get some great exercise. Using the rinks is free most of the time; all you need to worry about is the cost of the skates.

Once the snow falls, if you need to shovel, you can see it as a great way to burn calories. Shovelling snow can be the equivalent to many hours spent at the gym and help you to burn off those holiday meals.

Nothing is better in the winter sometimes than watching it fall from the inside on stormy days. Sit back, drink a cup of hot chocolate and listen to Billie Holiday on the radio to get you into the winter mood. The snow is around for a while, so you might as well enjoy it.

Donna Kakonge is a freelance communicator living in Toronto. Her website is www.donnakakonge.com. She can be reached at kakonged@rogers.com. pair�^��s�

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