Interesting Masters Degrees - January 22,2010

Self-publishing is a passion of mine. The journalist in me loves the immediacy of it. The fact that you can finish a piece of work and have it published and ready for sale in a matter of a day. The photo archives online make it possible to come up with inexpensive cover designs and voila…you have your book ready for the world.

Now I have published 34 books. I have obviously taken full advantage of the ease of publishing online. The fact that I have connections in the United States has made it easy for me to also have my books on Amazon Kindle. E-books are really where the future is at, however, there is nothing quite like cracking open a finished book and having it in your hand to read.

For this year, I plan on doing some re-formatting of my past books. I have noticed that some of the books do not contain page numbers and headers which was truly an oversight at the time on my part. Look out for some tweaking and improvement in that area. As well, once I am done that project, I want to create some new stories. I would love to work on other people’s stories with them, as well as create some new ones of my own.

If page numbers and headers do not bother you and you would be interested in buying one of my books as is, you can access them from my online store at As well, if you live in the general Toronto area, I would be willing to meet with you to sell to you extra copies of some of the books that I have such as My Roxanne which has been one of my bestsellers.  If you are interested in this, you should truly contact me soon, because I do not have many books in supply. I give a special discount for books bought through me, as well you would not need to worry about shipping. Encouragement to those in the States though – shipping costs are actually very good in the U.S. with

Here’s wishing you a Happy and Safe New Year, plus a prosperous one too.

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