The Sandbox Children’s Radio Station

Image result for Cartoon of a black girl with natural hair

Enjoy “On a Personal Note,” by Donna Kay Cindy Kakonge. Photo Above is Courtesy of Google Images.


5 Comments on “The Sandbox Children’s Radio Station

  1. I like this.. this is so beautiful..I mean I grew proud of how my hair looked like when somebody said that they wanted their hair to be just like mines. Just being yourself and doing you will actually attract this crowd of people who realize you are who you are a dark skinned girl with her “nappy hair”.

    • Hi Grace!

      Thank you so much for your beautiful and inspiring comment! There really are not enough books about us dark-skinned girls with nappy hair, however, if you would be interested in purchase some of mine, please look on my website to select some that you would like. They are all also available on as well. Some of the titles to search for is a new one I just wrote about a year ago called

    • Promoting Healthy Hair Growt
    • . Once you search for that title in Google with my name: “Donna Kakonge,” it should show up. Other titles include Afro Forever, Natural Beauty, Being Healthy, Natural and Beauty in Colourful Education, and the Politics of Hair Online Coursebook. We have just about one hundred percent natural hair on the hair of the shoulders of people in my family :-).

      Thank you so much again for your comment and if you ever wanted to write for my magazine, please look for the page in the bottom right-hand side of the magazine that has information on submissions to Donna Magazine.

  2. Hi Grace! Thank you so much! As well, if you are interested in telling your own story, whatever it may be, please feel free to check out this link of mine: You can also purchase the books that I mentioned in the last post from that link as well. I would love to work with you on a book! Please reach out to me again. I really appreciate your support of Donna Magazine! Please spread the word of my magazine to people that you know. Have a wonderful day!

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