Nutrition Cottage at Galleria Mall in Toronto is the Place to Go to Get Your Healthy Needs

There is a great health food store at Galleria Mall in Toronto at Dupont and Dufferin Streets that has a wide variety of health items at great prices.

As a small example of comparison shopping, I went to Herbs & Nutrition at Bathurst and Bloor Streets and spent $20.00 CAD at least more for fewer things than I did at Nutrition Cottage for more things at a lower price!

You will be amazed what Nutrition Cottage has and the man that owns the store carries quality items and does not confuse the customer with too many multiple items of one health item. It is a small store that can truly provide you with everything that you need for your mind and body, plus incense for your spirit.

The owner of Nutrition Cottage is very nice, and so are the owners of Herbs & Nutrition as well. The advantage to the customer is that Nutrition Cottage would pay less for their lease for their space at Galleria Mall and still is located in a great place so you pay less for EVERYTHING!

It is also rumoured that Galleria Mall in Toronto may become a condo development. In order to make an effort to save that great and comfy mall with wonderful places such as the Dollar Store there and the Freshco, plus a lot of other stores such as the Galleria Electronics that has been around for decades, please try to shop at Galleria Mall because possibly this could potentially stop the condo development. We have enough condos in Toronto!

Please have a great rest of the day!


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