Beyond Hair = Food

I went through a year of my life as a vegetarian. I ate an Indian dish called saag paneer just about every single day at least twice a day. The best thing about the meal did not only do it taste good, it has a lot of spinach, as well as cheese curds.

I also went through a period of my life where I ate a lot of fast food. Name the fast food company and yes, I have probably eaten there. The problem is that when I was encouraged by a dear family member to get a health checkup, my blood pressure was so high, everyone at the hospital said that I could have a heart attack at any given time. This was seven years ago.

I went to see a dietician at Loblaws. For this, I must give them credit. Melanie Byland there helped me to eat better…again. I had been doing this in the past, but I was re-reminded. More recently, Susan Miller from did a personal astrology report for me in the year of 2017 for this year of 2018 up until my birthday and although I did not agree with everything said, the most important thing that she reminded me of was to watch what I eat. Many times when Susan Miller (whose online portal I have been following since 2001), would tell me that in a given year I would lose weight…yes, she was right. Some could say that this is the power of suggestion and perhaps you too would be absolutely right. However, Susan Miller’s reports tend to be positive for the most part, so I would strongly contend that the positive power of suggestion is a positive thing. Look at Oprah Winfrey as a prime example based on her more recent work on television. Another book that inspired me from a very young age that I truly believe that every single child should read is medical Dr. Ben Carlson’s Think Big and his other books.

And, I would not even still be writing if it were not for my Grade 2 teacher Mrs. Chen (I pray you are still alive).

OK…so, there is a wonderful man at Seneca College named Dr. James Cullingham and Michael Moore when you did that documentary Stupid White Men, you were not talking about Dr. James Cullingham, or Ted Fairhurst, or any of the people that Ted Fairhurst is shown within that picture. Dr. James Cullingham would keep asking me two questions when I was working at Seneca College… what do you eat?…and how do you make money from the Internet? Thank you, James, I have answers for you now. Check out my site to figure out the money question. This site right here, yes, this site right here. The answer I will focus on for this page is the what do you eat?

I eat Cream of Wheat

I eat chocolate granola cereal

I eat raspberries, strawberries, blueberries, and blackberries

I eat granola bars with almonds, peanuts, and blueberries, and yogurt

I eat rotisserie chicken wings and sometimes crispy chicken wings I make myself

I eat my Dad’s homemade chicken legs because even my Mom says they’re the best

I eat my Dad’s homemade pork steaks once in a while

I eat all of my Mom’s food because it is simply the best as Tina Turner says

I eat my sibling’s food and my nieces’ food when I am so lucky to do so

I eat lamb, steak, and salmon that I make myself

I munch on snacks like chia seeds, pistachio nuts, cashews, walnuts, etc.

I have black or green olives. I like them when they have garlic stuffed in them.

I have mushroom soup I make myself

I eat black beans, red lentils, chickpeas, couscous I make myself (mainly not from cans)

I eat this frozen dinner that I really like called chicken korma (an Indian dish), sometimes General Tao’s chicken, and chicken with lemongrass that I heat up myself in the microwave

I plan to eliminate coffee if I can and I have the Caf-Lib (chicory coffee -substitute) that I got from Fiesta Farms to help me

I plan to start buying dark chocolate bars at Stubbe for just six dollars a bar, plus the family that owns that business is great from what I can tell so far, particularly the wife – she’s a hoot!

I do not drink. I have not had any alcohol since February of 2004. Please read this to understand how one can become extremely resourceful and remain alcohol-free.

And…February of this year marks my fifteenth year anniversary of sanity going to the rest of my life.

The neverending journey…

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