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Donna Kakonge’s Online Legal Answers – Google AdWords

Legal Questions Answered – Any Language – Any Area of Law
Less than Lawyer Consulting Fees
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Dr. Donna Kakonge, LLB’s Legal Assistance Service (Online Legal Help)

Former James Morgan Attorney (online) employee will help you to get you with legal assistance. If you’re having legal challenges, I can help you, assist you, you will require a licensed lawyer for major issues. It’s possible that you may fear that you are in legal trouble and I can help you to clarify that issue for the prices listed below. If you are in legal trouble, I may be able to refer you to a number of lawyers I know throughout North America and in some parts of the world in order to help you to find an HONEST lawyer!

Any Area of Law. Fees incurred are tax deductible for legal expenses. Membership includes assistance and documents only are given upon upfront payment(s) for membership. Here are my qualifications:

If you would like to discuss your legal answers membership, please pay upfront below:

For just $41.00 USD per month you can have your unlimited legal questions answered in any language:

You can contact me at donnakakongethelawyer@gmail.com, or you can also contact me below:

Please email me directly at dkakonge@gmail.com

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Picture of the Day – Belgium – Courtesy of Google Images

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