CAMH entrusted with $100 million donation

Your dedication to mental health has sparked unprecedented hope!

Dear Donna,

When I joined the CAMH Foundation nine years ago as President and CEO, I always hoped to celebrate a day like today with you — you helped make it a reality.

Today is a turning point.

Today we announced that CAMH has been entrusted with Canada’s very first $100 million donation dedicated to finding the causes and cures of mental illness.

It’s an anonymous gift, given in the spirit of public service and intended to fuel the discovery that will save lives and create social change for all Canadians.

This donation will enable CAMH to attract talent, explore big ideas, support young scientists and leverage data to unlock the mysteries of the brain.

By partnering with CAMH, you are helping people living with mental illness know that there is hope, and change is coming.

Watch this inspirational video of young CAMH researchers and scientists as they talk about their hope for the future of mental illness.

This day would not be possible without the ongoing support of people like you. Every donation has helped build CAMH into Canada’s largest mental health academic health science centre, attracting world-class talent, research facilities and once-in-a-lifetime investments like this one.

I’ve never felt more hopeful than I do at this moment. Thank you for your generosity and commitment.

This is only the beginning.

Darrell Louise Gregersen
Darrell Louise Gregersen,
President & CEO, CAMH Foundation

P.S. There’s reason to hope — watch this powerful video about the discoveries that are waiting to be uncovered. You can also watch the announcement recorded live on our Facebook page.

P.P.S. The news of this annoucement is spreading — here are a few reactions from CAMH supporters from across Canada:

Tears in my eyes.. As a parent who deals with teens with mental health issues, @CAMH ‘s anonymous donor will help SO MANY FAMILIES. #SickNotWeak #EndTheStigma #THANKYOU — Anonymous (@mom2kyandkay), January 11, 2018 This. Is. Amazing. #CAMH — Alex (@akboughen), January 11, 201…

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