Time’s Up on Sexual Assault Against All Women

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Time’s Up on Sexual Assault Against All Women
Some of Hollywood’s most notable women are standing in solidarity with and providing legal support for working-class women.
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Former RNC Chair Slams Trump for Making Racism Acceptable Again
Michael Steele said that Trump “was the man picking at the scab” of racism in the U.S. “until it became a wound again.”
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Hoda Kotb To Replace Lauer as ‘Today’ Co-anchor
Kotb quickly filled in as co-host when Matt Lauer was fired for alleged inappropriate sexual behavior.
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The Benefits of Relocating
TD Bank’s Karen Buck speaks from experience having relocated with TD seven times.
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Upcoming Webinar: How to Respond to Microaggressions
On January 9, Dianne Greene, Division VP/GM, Global Business Transformation at ADP, will tell her story on how she overcame micro aggressions at another company early on in her career. She will also give advice on how to overcome different types of microaggressions to become or continue to be successful in your career. Log in to register.
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Chicago Homicides Fall 16 Percent in 2017
Shootings were down and firearms arrests were up, according to police.
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Mentoring Success Recipe | DiversityInc Best Practices
A strong mentoring program requires buy in from senior leadership, formal monitoring and opportunities for all employees at every level to participate.
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Chief Justice Orders Review of Sexual Harassment Standards in U.S. Judiciary
U.S. Chief Justice John Roberts said the judicial branch of government was not immune to incidents of sexual harassment and addressing it would be a new challenge in the coming year.
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Airport Immigration Computers Go Down Temporarily
Travelers entering the United States from overseas posted photos on social media of long lines at John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York and at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport.
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As U.S. Budget Fight Looms, Republicans Flip Their Fiscal Script
When they return from the holidays on Wednesday, lawmakers will begin trying to pass a federal budget in a fight likely to be linked to other issues, such as immigration policy.
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Cox Communications Launches Converge, A New Storytelling Platform
Community, tech trends, and lifestyle advice at the center of new destination.
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Mary Mack to Lead Wells Fargo’s Consumer Lending, Community Banking Organizations
“By combining Community Banking and Consumer Lending, we are creating a more holistic approach to delivering retail banking services to our customers,” said Tim Sloan, president and CEO.
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AT&T AUDIENCE Network Launches ‘Big Man Back on Campus’ Produced by ESPN
Documentary chronicles four former college football stars as they head back to campus ahead of the college football playoff.
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Kelly Grier Appointed EY US Chairman, Managing Partner-Elect and EY Americas Managing Partner-Elect
Grier brings a strong track record of quality, transformation and talent leadership.
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Jay-Z ‘Confesses’ to Beyoncé in ‘Family Feud’ Music Video
Within an hour of its release, the video was the top trending item on Twitter.
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