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Fall in Love with These Valentine’s Day Meal Ideas (Recipes, cooking tips, photos included)

Fall in Love with These Valentine’s Day Meal Ideas Culinary pros offer tips and tricks for preparing dishes that woo Toronto, Ont., January 30, 2018 – Wondering what to serve that special someone on Valentine’s Day? Certain foods lend themselves to a romantic meal better than others, says one of Canada’s top chefs. According to John Morris, Executive Chef of the CN Tower, date night meals should be kept simple, light and […]

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Facebook Hack?

So, for the past year at least, I have been receiving messages from people that I am connected to on Facebook. The messages will read as follows and they are from Facebook: John Smith (pseudonym) has sent you a message So once in a while, when I know the person, I will contact them. Not once, until today, do they seem to indicate that they did not send the message. […]

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Aries ( 21 March – 19 April )  – This would be a week of professional enthusiasm and satisfaction at the financial level.  You must necessarily boost your efficiency so that you have as much time for non-professional activities. Love and eroticism will bring enthusiasm, exuberance, passion, thirst for adventure and good luck. You’ll be in an excellent shape having a lot of physical energy. Accomplishments will come especially from […]

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Beyond Hair = Food

I went through a year of my life as a vegetarian. I ate an Indian dish called saag paneer just about every single day at least twice a day. The best thing about the meal did not only do it taste good, it has a lot of spinach, as well as cheese curds. I also went through a period of my life where I ate a lot of fast food. […]

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Donna Kakonge’s Books | Audio – GET YOUR BOOK PUBLISHED WITH ME!

Here is a list of books that I have helped to edit Steppin’ Out by Mariam Ibrahim (edited by Donna Kakonge) available on Amazon Kindle Pinnacles of Vandalism (A selection of thoughts, feelings, and musings) by R. William Patry (promoted by Donna Kakonge) available various places, please search Google Girl Power: Chronicles of the True Power of Female Friendships by Teresa Madaleno (edited by Donna Kakonge) available various places, please […]

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