Night for Rights 2017: Thank You for Standing Up for Human Rights

Fall 2017

Night for Rights 2017: Thank You for Standing Up for Human Rights

This month’s highlights 
  • Night for Rights 2017: Best. Gala. Ever.
  • JHR partners with the Canadian Red Cross on how to cover humanitarian and conflict zones
  • CTV Edmonton’s Bill Fortier works with Syrian journalists
  • JHR Indigenous’ Lenny Carpenter feels the South Sudanese heat 
  • Thank you to the Toronto Star, the National Post, Global News and CPAC for putting human rights in the headlines
  • JHR is hiring. Come join us as a community trainer in Northwest Ontario or South Sudan!

Night for Rights 2017 
Reem Haleb and Zein Almoghraby
A huge thank you to everyone who came out and celebrated with us at Night for Rights this year. It was an incredible and enjoyable evening full of purpose, and we heard some very moving speeches that will stay in our memories for a long time.
Lieutenant General Romeo-Dallaire reminded us of the crucial role that media plays all over the world, specifically in conflict zones and the tremendous difference that brave journalists make on the daily.
Minister of Immigration Ahmed Hussen spoke of JHR’s effective feminist approach to media development in Africa.
Reem Haleb of Naseam Radio Syria showed us why press freedom is vitally important: “The Assad regime is more afraid of a camera, a mobile camera, than a weapon. Tyrants hate the truth, they silence journalists and create black holes to separate their victims from the world.”
Masai Ujiri delivered a powerful, charismatic and passionate speech as he reminded us that “democracy is not fool-proof” and we all have a part to play in standing up for human rights both at home and worldwide.
For the video of the gala click here.
Enjoy some of the live commentaries during Night for Rights here in our Twitter moment
We want to thank all of you who participated for this inspiring evening and for the opportunities, it gives JHR to expand our programs for journalists and media development, particularly in Syria but also world

Check out ‘From the Frontlines’ with the Canadian Red Cross and JHR
JHR will partner with the Canadian Red Cross on November 4 at the George Vari Engineering and Computing Centre, Ryerson University, to bring you a first: a conference on how to report from humanitarian disaster zones. With Lisa LaFlamme, Grant McDonald and Zein Almoghraby. More info at:

CTV Edmonton’s Bill Fortier Works with Syrian Journalists

Bill Fortier interviewing Reem Haleb of Naseam Radio Syria
Bill Fortier of CTV Edmonton joined us on a powerful short-term expert trainers to work with Syrian journalists on broadcast journalism and human rights reporting. Said he of the experience:
“In the midst of one of the most terrible ongoing crises on earth, a positive thing happened. Some Syrians found a voice, through journalism.”  Read his blogs here

JHR Indigenous Goes to South Sudan
 The compounds in Juba, South Sudan
Lenny Carpenter, the program manager for the Indigenous Reporters Program, went on a cross-program exchange in South Sudan to lend his expertise as a newspaper editor and to find out more about JHR’s international programs.

Thank you to the Toronto Star, National Post, Global News and CPAC for Putting Human Rights in the Headlines

Toronto Star featuring human rights story on rape in South Sudan
In the weeks gearing up to the Night for Rights gala this year, we had lots of support from news outlets providing us the very important opportunity to share voices of those who are often voiceless. We are proud and grateful that we were able to share some of the most pivotal success stories that JHR has supported in the 15 years of its existence.
The stories published in the Toronto Star, and the National Post show how through mobilizing media lives of people can really be changed for the better. How media can give voice to women being raped in war-torn South Sudan, how it can hold authorities accountable in Liberia, how it can mobilize a community in Northern Ontario to get the services it needs and much more. Read more here.
And thanks to CPAC we are able to share with you the inspiring speeches of LT.- Gen Roméo Dallaire, Ahmed Hussen, Reem Haleb and Masai Ujiri here.

Our Indigenous Reporters and South Sudan Program are Hiring!
 JHR’s IRP trainers in Northern Ontario
JHR’s Indigenous Reporters and South Sudan Programs are hiring! We are looking for two South Sudan media trainers to join our program in January 2018 for a 12-month contract. And we are looking for four new community trainers to spend eight months living in a First Nation Community in Northwestern Ontario- training community members in media production and engagement.
The application deadline for both is November 17, 2017, by midnight.
More information on the job posting are available online.

Your support allows us to continue our innovative work around the world!
Journalists for Human Rights is a registered Canadian charity: #86037 2853 RR0001

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