Cutco Cutlery & Knives are the Best! – Not a Paid Advertisement

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When I was about 17 years old, this young Chinese man and I sold Cutco cutlery and knives together. The Chinese man was a way better salesperson than I was an old sold me by far, however, I did get a few sales. This was decades ago and I bought Cutco’s sandwich knife, pear knife, big butcher knife, and scissors. The knives are so sharp that they scare me and I hide them. I rarely use them actually. This is probably another reason why after all of these years I have not needed to sharpen those knives even once (bought them in 1989), and they still cut perfectly! Mine have dark brown handles and the handles still look great too!

If you are an older person that knows that your dexterity is not as it used to be when you were younger, I would recommend only using the Cutco scissors in the kitchen. I use the Cutco scissors instead of the knives. This does help. Particularly, if you have diabetes, I do not, however, for those people who do, it is important that you avoid any cuts and/or bruises.

Cutco is a superb product! No wonder it scores 4.6 on Google reviews and this company did not appear yesterday!

The marketing for Cutco is done through Vector Marketing.


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