Lifestyle characteristics that promote longevity

* Regularly partakes in enjoyable exercise

* Enjoyable career and tolerates ‘healthy’ stress

* Generally happy relationships with spouse and children

* Active member of the community, enjoying many friendships

* Seeks to learn new things and enjoys personal development

* Eats a balanced, healthy diet

* Supplements diet with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants

* Has a sense of worth and purpose in life

If your life reflects these characteristics then you have adopted the attributes which significantly slow down the aging process and increase your chances of living to a ripe old age with good health.

If this list is more like you then you may be aging fast. It’s time to take action and make some changes if you want to improve the quality of your later years. It may be a daunting task to make lifestyle changes, however, by taking things one step at a time and being consistent in developing new lifestyle habits ā€“ you will notice the difference in time, and your body, friends, and family will thank you.

Kim Beardsmore is an Independent Herbalife Distributor, weight loss coach and author of the online magazine Weight Loss Health. She has a Bachelor of Science degree, majoring in Biochemistry and Histology. For recipes, articles, a newsletter, and tips to burn fat, boost energy and block cravings, visit her website at


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