Belief #4. I cultivate a positive vocabulary

Do you ever make remarks like, “She gives me a pain in the neck.” “He broke my heart.” or “I can’t stomach it.” Your mind is very suggestible. Your mind tries to maintain consistency between your beliefs and behaviors (cognitive dissonance theory). Don’t risk your mind taking these remarks literally. If you find yourself using any negative body metaphors, get rid of them.

The second aspect of a positive vocabulary is having a favorite upbeat, fun word or words. Make it your trademark and use it with great enthusiasm. My favorite is Wow! I love that word. Motivational speaker Zig Zigler made a trademark of fa-n-tas-tic. What’s your favorite word?

Brickey was at a wedding and the bride had difficulty getting the ring on the groom’s hand. “Oh shit,” popped out of her mouth and was picked up by the microphone for everyone to hear. That’s hardly the memory she hoped people would take home. Every few years a news or sports commentator lets an expletive slip. It causes great embarrassment and sometimes costs them their jobs. Those words have a way of slipping out at the worst time. It’s also very lazy thinking. Instead of getting in touch with the nuances of your feelings, it just reaches for the anger. If you have a potty mouth, get the soap.

Defy Aging discusses these beliefs in more depth along with 32 other beliefs and strategies for changing beliefs.


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