Benefits of Staying Young and Healthy

Edited by Donna Kakonge

You have many more years of feeling great in your body. This will allow you to have more energy to do what you love and to pursue your dreams.

You can learn all the time by taking one of my courses and discover new things, new people, new foods, new countries and anything else your heart desires.

Learning the habits, lifestyles, cultures, foods, and dances of a multicultural world will help you to stay young. Contributing your gifts and talents to the community and to the world will help you to leave a legacy on this planet and to enjoy your retirement.

Releasing old beliefs, personal growth and learning new attitudes will help you to get the best out of the next 30 years of your life. This will be discussed later in the e-book.

Of course, keeping fit, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually are also important and will be discussed later in this e-book.

Living your true purpose and becoming the person you are is another topic covered in this e-book.

Living fully in this life, loving immensely, fulfilling all aspects of your life responsibly will allow you to do all that you want so you don’t have to come back to fulfill the dreams left behind.

Let’s begin on this journey…

Michael Brickey, Ph.D., writes about the three most important secrets to youthful life and a young mind. He’s America’s Anti-Aging Psychologist.

He says the challenge is focusing on the end in mind and how you would like to be now tomorrow and when you’re 100. The desire for you is to be mentally sharp, physically fit and passionate.

“If you want it, you need to believe it, desire it, and attract it,” Brickey says.

You are not alone in your desire to slow the aging process. A U.S. Census Bureau states Baby Boomers hate to age. In 2000, the U.S. had 72,000 centenarians, people 100 years and older. The Census Bureau predicts 1.2 million centenarians in 2050 and 1.87 million centenarians in 2060 (when just the first four years of Baby Boomers have turned 100). That’s enough people for a good sized city.

Brickey says the Census Bureau is underestimating the number of centenarians the U.S. will have. Some will still be healthy. Some will be in wheelchairs and nursing homes. Barring any accidents, being healthy and happy in your retirement years is largely up to you.

“Research shows that as people get older, they become happier,” says Brickey. “In their twenties, only 28 per cent of Americans said they were happy. The percentage keeps going up with age. In their seventies, 38 per cent of Americans say they are happy. While many romanticize their younger years, for most of us our teens and twenties were a time of great insecurity and anxiety. As they get older, most people become clearer about who they are, what they want, and how to achieve it.”

Many of you may be looking for ways to stay young in the wrong places. You may be watching MTV, playing video games, drinking with your buddies from high school or college or indulging in plastic surgery.

Michael Brickey has three secrets to really fight aging he calls your Anti-Aging ABCs™. They’re based on Attitudes, Beliefs and Coping Skills.

“The good news is the ABCs are all skills you can learn–many very quickly and easily,” Brickey says.


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