Paoleo Breakfast With Josh Fogel (Retired Primary School Teacher – JK to Grade 3) at Kos in T.O.

By Donna Kakonge (with Josh’s verbal and written permission :-)…Please look out for his book for more…this is an introduction of some whole brand new work from Josh, and by Josh, to come…

This morning was great. So I have this new book client named Josh Fogel who is a retired primary school teacher and who lives in my neighbourhood. The man is beautiful. How does a woman work with a man that is beautiful without getting distracted? Well, this is another challenge.

My apartment gets really hot. Many people tell me it is unbearable to be inside and Josh and I tried to use the “in-the-box” method to write his book starting from yesterday, (in-the-box method means recording conversations and then transcribing the spoken word), and we did get a start. I thought I had thought of everything, but then my card with my digital audio recorder was full right after Josh did a spoken word of the introduction. He left to go back to his place while I transferred the files onto my external hard drive.

It was just too hot in my apartment. Air conditioning in a house makes me sneeze profusely though.

I went over to his place this morning. Took less than five minutes for me to get there walking. It was the second time I was there. Josh has another potential second book called Kindergarten Coach. This is a great client, friend, and neighbour. I was so distracted inside his apartment, and he was telling such great stories that we ended up leaving his book creation that I am helping him with until tomorrow. We are going to work every day on it.

He took me to Planet Fitness at Galleria Mall. The water massage bed there is great, but Josh has a better massage chair at home than even Planet Fitness has.

Then, Josh and I went to Kos in downtown Toronto and had a paleo breakfast. Josh Fogel is also writing a book called Paleo Toronto. It was great! Eggs, bacon, no hash browns, no toast, and salad – just as Josh promised! It was excellent. It is now 1:16 p.m. as I am writing this sentence and I do not even feel fatigued from eating the meal.

Josh is going to write a book about paleo breakfast and beer for breakfast, however, this is not in an effort to promote alcoholism for the latter. The title of Josh Fogel’s book is Beer for Breakfast: The Food Addict’s Guide to Working Out. As Josh allows it, I will write some updates on how the writing process with Josh is going. He is a really great guy and he is mature enough that this will not change.




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