[TPS] – TPS starts recruitment process for 80 new police constables

Toronto Police Service
News Release

TPS starts recruitment process for 80 new police constables

Tuesday, September 12, 2017 – 5:30 PM

The Toronto Police Service is now accepting applications for the position of Cadet-in-Training. The new recruits will support community-centric policing, diversity and inclusion as part of The Way Forward Action Plan.

The Service continues to modernize and that includes its recruitment processes with a new job posting for 80 police constables to be added to the Service’s complement. The job posting describes valued qualifications such as post-secondary education, work or volunteer experience with marginalized and/or socially and economically disadvantaged communities.

As the TPS develops its new Human Resources strategy, new core competencies will define how members are recruited, developed and promoted in all roles, including uniform and civilian.

“The people of today’s police service are expected to be adaptable, accountable, and innovative,” said Chief Mark Saunders, listing some of these values. “In the future, members who contribute to our dynamic team will already have invested time and energy into becoming community leaders.”

For more information on the current recruitment process, please contact the Employment Unit at 416-808-JOIN (5646).

To see the job posting, click here.

For more news, visit TPSnews.ca.

Meaghan Gray, Corporate Communications

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