Working at Mommy’s Business

By Dr. Celeste London

Dr. Celeste London N.M.D

This week I spent time working at my mother’s business. While working I observed the public through the lens of a person who advocates self-love. It has become very clear to me that women from all walks of life are embracing self-love. They are taking on new methods and approaching how they go about living their life in better ways. Self-love is an important topic to me because as I have shared on previous occasions it was not something that I saw often growing up. I think it is vital for more women to practice this form of empowerment.

I have struggled most of my adult life with low self-esteem and low self-confidence. I experienced living in a family dynamic which consisted of a militant system with little to no compromise. This upbringing made me a passive aggressive person. I began having behavioural problems and related to both myself and people in unseen ways. It took a serious awakening to help me realize my unstable state. A doorway to a path of healing and inner strength opened. Now I make sure to help others through healing diabetes and teaching about self-love.

As children, we all received a percentage of programming that did not serve us well. I personally think that too many of us on this planet are living a life of unfilled passions. We need to find pathways that take us out of the darkness so we can find our calling towards something greater than ourselves. My life experiences have taught me that the diligent practice of self-love can and will put one on the path of finding deep meaning from within.

Self-love does not mean you are selfish. It simply means that if you choose to practice it, you are mental, emotionally, and physically aware of your self-worth which in turn begins your journey to being a person who loves themselves from the inside out.


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