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The Idea of This Magazine is Truly an Original One - Photo Courtesy of

The Idea of This Magazine is Truly an Original One - Photo Courtesy of

The question of copyright is a tricky one. I subscribe to Google Alerts and one of them is under the subject title of Donna Magazine. I have noticed two other Donna Magazines out there. What to do?

Well, I will not worry. It seems as though this one is doing well. I do find it annoying though. It is a kind of common title and as you would likely find books with the same title – there are also magazines with the same title too. Due to the fact that the publishers of these other magazines are not me, the magazines would not ever be exactly the same. I would just wish that if the creators of these other magazines knew of this one before they created theirs they would have thought twice about the title.

The title of this magazine is copyrighted. The moment I published it in 2007 – it became automatically copyrighted. Do I want to be in litigation for the rest of my life over such things. Not at all. I will just hope that those of you who enjoy this magazine will always be lead to this location on the web and the sprinklings of other magazines and blogs with the same name will not deter your commitment to reading.

Keep in mind as well that like any true journalist – I am always looking for story ideas and feel free to contact me with either your story or ideas for the magazine.

By the way…tomorrow I will be publishing Stories in Red and Yellow as well as another book that will blow your mind.


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