Sico is Beautiful Paint for a Cause - Photo Courtesy of Gail Bergman

Sico is Beautiful Paint for a Cause - Photo Courtesy of Gail Bergman

By Gail Bergman and Indira Tarachandra

Sico to Donate a Portion of Ceiling

Paint Sales to Breast Cancer Research

Longueuil, Quebec – August 31, 2009 – Think pink. That’s the message Sico is sending to Canadians this fall with the announcement that it will donate a portion of sales of its disappearing-pink Flat for Ceilings paint to support lifesaving breast cancer research.

Starting September 1, 2009, Sico will donate $1.25 to the Canadian Cancer Society for each gallon of Flat for Ceilings with pink dye paint sold nationally. The campaign, called Changing Lives, One Coat at a Time, aims to sell a total of 40,000 cans, resulting in a $50,000 donation in support of breast cancer research.

A premium quality product, Sico’s Flat for Ceilings latex paint rolls on pink and dries to white, letting users see clearly which sections have already been painted. This technology ensures users get the job done right the first time by not missing any spots. Ultra high in hiding power and easy to apply, the no-spatter paint ensures uniform results and is ideal for touch-ups. It retails for $26.99 per gallon.

“Sico is committed to making a difference in the fight against breast cancer, which will impact more than 22,700 Canadian women this year alone,” said Stéphanie Pelland, Marketing Communication Manager for the Sico brand, explaining that the company was inspired to support the cause by some of its employees, who were already involved with the Canadian Cancer Society and regular participants of its annual Relay For Life event.

“The Canadian Cancer Society is pleased to benefit from the support of the Sico brand, its employees and customers through the Changing Lives, One Coat at a Time campaign,” said Lesley Ring, Director, Corporate Development, Canadian Cancer Society. “With their help, the Canadian Cancer Society will continue to fund Canada’s best breast cancer research, moving us ever closer to the day when no woman need fear a diagnosis of breast cancer.”

Sico chose its Flat for Ceilings paint for this fundraising effort because of its “pink” feature, the colour associated with breast cancer. “Painting a ceiling can be the trickiest part of a paint job, but with Sico’s Flat for Ceilings with temporary pink dye, the job is virtually fail proof,” Pelland said, offering these tips to get started:

Begin at the top. No matter what room you’re painting, always start with the ceiling. Working from the top down helps avoid splashes on newly-painted surfaces.

Choose proper tools. To paint the borders of the ceiling, an angular paint brush works best. Use a stepladder to safely perform the job. For the rest of the ceiling, use a roller with an extension handle. The bristles of the roller should be at least 13 millimetres long. This way, the roller can capture more paint, which enables the ceiling to stay damp longer, avoiding lap marks and resulting in a uniform finish.

Paint in order. To ensure lap marks aren’t visible, paint from the dry, unpainted surface to the already-painted, wet surface. When using a brush for borders of the ceiling, make sure the paint stays damp from the time you use the brush until you use the roller for the rest of the ceiling. When painting a ceiling, always roll toward the narrower side of the room so sections you paint over will still be damp. Once you’re done with the first coat, allow the paint to dry before applying a second coat.

Room conditions matter. The goal is to keep the newly-painted areas of the ceiling wet when painting, and since heat rises – no matter the season – it’s important to ventilate the room before starting a job. Proper ventilation will bring down the hot air that hovers near the ceiling and circulate it around the room to create a more balanced temperature that’s best for painting. Drafts should also be blocked wherever possible when painting to prevent some areas from drying faster than others and causing an uneven finish.

For more information about Sico’s breast cancer research promotion or to find a local Sico retailer, please visit the dealer locator at or call 1-800-463-SICO.

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