Google Browser Virus?

In Writing (all kinds) on June 2, 2017 at 8:04 PM

Something very strange occurred today when I was using my computer and also using Google Chrome.

I respect Google highly. Please do not get me wrong and do not think this problem has anything to do with Google Chrome, and or the Google industry in general. However, I was using my Gmail account and all of a sudden a browser opened up and stated that there was a vital download upgrade needed with Google Chrome. I do not even recall pressing on anything in particular.

Well, I pressed download at first. I could see the Google Chrome symbol clearly, however, then I looked at the bottom of the message and it did not have any Google Company information.

Then, I looked at the top of the message in the url and it clearly was not coming from Google at all.

I immediately and completely turned off my computer while this potential virus was downloading. When I opened up my computer again, everything was fine and took the opportunity to clear out my downloads on my computer that I no longer wanted or that I knew were already saved elsewhere and the same url popped up again when I restored Google Chrome. What I did was to immediately close that tab and now, thank God really and truly, everything is fine.

So, I tell you this because I would not want it to happen to you if the worst were to happen and you were spending your weekend shopping for another computer on your credit card that may already be maxed out calling VISA or Mastercard for additional credit. Please people – no! Would not want anyone to go through that.

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