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In Writing (all kinds) on May 31, 2017 at 3:00 AM

OK, so here is what I do now.

My friend told me that you can grow your eyebrows and your eyelashes with castor oil. She had gone to Sephora and a woman there told her that you can do this. I have now started doing this.

It is now Wednesday night and I had taken a cotton swab and added some castor oil and dabbed some onto my eyebrows and my eyelashes. Why men always tend to have such beautiful eyelashes and eyebrows, I do not know? Perhaps some joking on the part of God, but I will give this castor oil a try to see how it works. I checked online and apparently, it says that you should be able to see results in a number of weeks.

You can leave the castor oil on for a few minutes and/or overnight. I am going to try overnight since today is the day when again I will be washing my oil with my peppermint Dr. Bronner’s castille soap. I use the citrus one for my face and body and then condition my skin with Aveeno Intensive Care Cream. It’s the one in the burgundy jar.

As well, as an overnight treatment, I put my oils in. I combine all of the oils. I find the oils too heavy to put in daily for hot weather, so I have been using a Giovanni leave-in conditioner that I bought at Herbs & Nutrition in Toronto as a daily leave-in now that the weather is hot. Giovanni is also what I used all throughout my thirties while I was growing out my hair from the big cut I gave almost exactly 10 years ago. I also use Aveda’s Rosemary and Mint Conditioner after shampooing and although that stuff is expensive, it is really good.

I also put in mayonnaise overnight too. I checked that up online as well and you can leave it in overnight if your hair is dry such as mine is. I will wash it out in the morning after this story has been published, but definitely on Wednesday.

When the weather is really hot, I can end up actually washing my hair daily. It really depends on the temperature. There is no need for me to do this in cold weather with how dry my hair is.

The oils are really great for hot weather. If you have strong, oily, lustrous hair, a light oil treatment daily, just one oil such as olive oil, coconut oil, aloe vera oil, avocado oil, jojoba oil, sunflower oil even, etc. is just fine to put in your hair. You would also not need a very heavy amount.

As for exercise, I have been walking 31 minutes seven days a week. This is helping. Even my doctor approves of my weight. When the weather is cold or I do not feel like walking out in the rain because I know I would be begging for a cold that way, I use my treadmill at home. Sometimes I still do use my treadmill at home because I am so busy that I do not have time to go out for a walk. I do enjoy walking outdoors because even though I live downtown and it is true that the air quality is not the same as it would be in more rural areas, I still can get some fresh air.

It’s nice doing my work from home. It’s a far more flexible schedule, although do not get me wrong, although I have my own business, there are still people that I have to answer to, particularly clients. I’m on my way now to work on a project and have more projects for the week and onwards.

Have a good night! Have a good morning by the time this is published. Have a good afternoon by the time this is published depending on what part of the world you are in.

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