[TPS] – Toronto Helmet Initiative, “Always Wear Your Helmet” video released

In Writing (all kinds) on May 29, 2017 at 6:12 AM

Toronto Police Service
News Release

Toronto Helmet Initiative, “Always Wear Your Helmet” video released

Monday, May 29, 20175:29 AM
12 Division

The Toronto Helmet Initiative (THI) has launched a video to help ensure children are wearing properly fitted helmets using the 2-V-1 rule: Two fingers above your eyebrows to bottom of the helmet. Form a V-shape with the straps meeting below your ears. One finger under the strap below your chin.

Watch the video.

The THI steering committee is made up of representatives from the Hospital for Sick Children, the Toronto District School Board, the Toronto Catholic District School Board and Toronto Public Health, who promote the safe use of helmets and increase their use for all Torontonians – starting with children.

While everyone is encouraged to wear a helmet when on a bicycle, rollerblades or on any wheeled device, anyone under 18 is required to do so by law. The parents of children 16 or under are required to ensure they are wearing helmets.

Learn more about helmet safety by clicking here.

Media inquiries: Constable Peter De Quintal via email at

For more news, visit

Kevin Masterman, Corporate Communications, for Constable Peter De Quintal, 12 Division

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