Pets and Hair

In Writing (all kinds) on May 25, 2017 at 3:00 AM

I had this beautiful cat that was in a traumatic situation before I received him. On one side of his neck the fur was all scratched off from his own nails because the people who had him before would leave him alone for days on end and then the alarm bells would go off in the previous owner’s apartment building and this would just drive the cat Lance crazy.

When I first got Lance, he would hide from me. I could spend close to thirty minutes searching for him throughout my apartment and then end up finding him under my bed hiding from me. The kind veterinarian not too far from where I live told me that Lance needed to re-establish his sense of trust, as well as needed good cat food to help his fur to grow back.

At the point I had Lance it was the early millennium and I paid almost twenty dollars a bag for the cat food! This is how much I loved Lance! However, the kind veterinarian knew what she was talking about – Lance’s fur grew back and he stopped his habit of clawing at his neck and started coming up to me to cuddle.

I share this experience with you because if there is an animal in your life who you love and you want to ensure that their fur and also their overall health is just superb – please visit your local veterinarian. We have a lot of great ones out there!

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