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Good Times to Cut your Hair and/or Your Nails – Towards Growth (if this is what you prefer because there really is something that you need to cut out of your life  LOL)

As mentioned on the numerological scale above, I will now let you know the timing that is involved based on the day that you choose to go for a haircut (if you really feel that you need one and natural oils will not help your ends):

One Days: If you have super curly hair and you get a major cut of hair on your own personal number one day, do not expect your hair to fully show any significant growth for about a year or less. However, if you do not really want to see your hair grow that fast because as an example and of course using a stereotype (sorry) you are a man in a job where a short haircut is necessary for your image – choosing personal one days would work to your advantage because then you would not need to go to the barber often at all.

Two Days: If it is a two day, your hair will start slowly growing literally within an hour after the haircut. This is a good day if you want to see rapid length repair after the haircut.

Three Days: About a month later you will start to see the hair growth.

Four Days: This will take about six months or less.

Five Days: Works like the two days – you will see growth very soon.

Six Days: This is good too. About two weeks later you will see growth to your hair.

Seven Days: This is good too and a number that many people like. About a week later this is when you will start to see growth to the hair.

Eight Days: Works like the one, you will not see any significant growth until about a year later.

Nine Days: It works like the three – it will take about a month.


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